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Confessions From An Asian Boy by archertypes
Confessions From An Asian Boyby fury
❝Yes, I'm an Asian boy. No, my eyes don't disappear when I smile.❞ A series of confessions & rants from your favourite Asian boy. #1 in #rant, #rants, #rantbook #15 in R...
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Wattpad Pet Peeves by UsuallyUnorthodox
Wattpad Pet Peevesby k⁷
1) I've been on Wattpad for a good minute, and I think I can safely say I've seen it all. 2)I love Wattpad, and all its inhabitants dearly, most of 'em anyway... And fin...
Fanfic Pet Peeves by KazuKazuyas
Fanfic Pet Peevesby Kazu ♡
Honest to God I don't mean to offend anybody but I just wanna read a good fanfic, man. Yes, my writing also sucks but I just want to point out some of the minor errors I...
Where life takes you... by nisaanon
Where life takes Nisa
Ever thought for time to just stop? when everything around is so happy so peaceful you do not want anything else but to just stay there forever. We all have those moment...
Introducing Me by Cheshire_SK
Introducing Meby The SuperNerd
This is my new reveal book. It'll be a bit more personal now and just explaining my pet peeves, little quirks, and other aspects of personality. 😁 I love this cover. It...
BFDI PET PEEVES HOMIE WOOooOOOOo by Meowchiiscurious
BFDI PET PEEVES HOMIE WOOooOOOOoby I tend to sleep in
Just little nit picks I have about the fandom of this lovely object show these r just my opinions SO DON'T...
Why I hate Most Fanfics (In General) by B4BY-H0TL1NE
Why I hate Most Fanfics (In Mello's #1 Fan
I usually read more than I write, Which I think is better than writing due to the stress of Request's, Idea's, Plot's, And More. But There Is nothing That I hate more Th...
Gorillaz Pet Peeves by SeeMeBurr
Gorillaz Pet Peevesby science boi
Mm, Hello there. I think I'm going to hold off with the X Readers for a little. I think I might as well make this a series. Eddsworld Pet Peeves. FNAF Pet Peeves. Etc. T...
fan fiction pet peeves || what not to do when writing fan fiction by slipperywater
fan fiction pet peeves || what luna
so here are my fan fiction pet peeves. no hate to any author, these are just things that annoy me, and a lot of other people when reading fan fiction, or even stories in...
BLOGS by Gemini362
BLOGSby Aparna
"Who said you can't read blogs on Wattpad?" Here's a copy of my peculiar blog for all those lovely Wattpaders who don't have an access to WordPress! Hope you'...
Pokémon Fanfic Pet-Peeves by SinningFlame
Pokémon Fanfic Pet-Peevesby SinningFlame
I haven't been writing on Wattpad for a year yet, and there are already tons of tings that get under my skin when it comes to Pokémon fanfic writing. Come and take a loo...
Wattpad Pet Peeves by EchoSagal
Wattpad Pet Peevesby Echo
ahahaa pretentious posts ahead its bad and im afraid it gets worse im really sorry for putting you througgh this if you decidet ot read ahahahhahaha pls dont
Missing Star by jjkkbambam
Missing Starby la vie en rose
<<The constellation isn't complete without one more star>> ?Pls.Vote as you read?
Things You Don't do on Wattpad by HaveSomeCommonSense
Things You Don't do on Wattpadby China
This book is a rant book. If you are doing these things on Wattpad, then you need to stop. I am serious. Note: I don't care if you state your opinion POLITELY on my book...
My Ultimate Peeves by JMhetalia
My Ultimate Peevesby Saint Juju
My pet peeves. Whether it be in art, fandoms, or just life.
Fanfiction Pet Peeves and Ship Opinions by Way-Too-Many-Fandoms
Fanfiction Pet Peeves and Ship Sunsets On The Evil Eye
This is just my silly opinions on little things that annoy me in fanfiction and maybe even ship opinions. Read if you like, but it's just silly opinions :P Also, I proba...
a collection of english essays; by vervainaji
a collection of english essays;by dangerous little shit but wit...
I decided to post my English essays. For no reason. Yes.
Things that annoy me on Wattpad by a9enba9
Things that annoy me on Wattpadby a9enba9
I have compiled a list of things that annoy me on Wattpad, because sometimes I just need to vent.
Pet peeves by marceline1630
Pet peevesby Michaela Brundies
The things that bug people the most.