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The Unspoken Words by ridhima2807
The Unspoken Wordsby Ridhima Joshi
My poetry book is like unexpected strokes of paint on a canvas; you never know when it leads you to a beautiful ending. Spilling hues of various shades of life (1st pla...
MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys 2012 Poetry Contest  Entry by MsButterfly
MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys Gabrielle Yana Concepcion
An entry for Attys 2012 (Competitor) poetry contest consisting of 10 poems written in 10 different poetic form. Contents: 1.Kyrielle: "Death" 2.Shakespearean S...
What if I wasn't There?? (Poem) by AkshitKain
What if I wasn't There?? (Poem)by Akshit Kain
'What if I wasn't There??' A short poem "Life is Always Fair, Although sometimes it charges the fare!" Welcome to 'What if I wasn't There??' This is your very...
Clockwork Lives by Snowdrop07
Clockwork Livesby Abby Meyer
An anthology of love and lies; choice and change; fate and free will. Lives interlocking like clockwork and yet not at all like clockwork.
Writer's World by ThomasBerryman
Writer's Worldby ThomasBerryman
Enter Writer's World. Here we will talk to Wattpad's finest writers. There will be tips, advice, challenges, and summaries to their stories.
Monsters by JonnyCastoArdern
Monstersby Jonny Casto-Ardern
A series of poems of different styles, united by the theme of monsters. The first ten were my entry into the 2012 Attys. Audio performances can be found at the link belo...
The Atty's Poem Collection (2012) ✓ by Fox-Trot-9
The Atty's Poem Collection (2012) ✓by Foxy, the fluffy butt-stabber!
Genre: Poetry. Featuring... (1) Nove Otto: The Color of God (2) Sonnet: Knowledge and Wisdom (3) Acrostic: To bandgeek13 (4) Palindrome: Immortal Love (5) Hymn: True Com...
Running On Caffeine: An Attys Anthology (Attys 2012) by caffEine93
Running On Caffeine: An Attys Liz
There are words which I cannot speak. However, those unspoken words are the ones which define me. Because while trying to find myself, my mind found words which help me...
The Sun Rises from the West (Atty Awards) by diamondintherough
The Sun Rises from the West ( diamondintherough
Poetry collection submitted for the Atty awards. Definnition of Poetic forms from
My Poetry Collection for the Attys by daydreamofalife
My Poetry Collection for the Attysby Murphy
This is my collection of poems for the Attys! There are ten poems, each in a different poetic form. Thanks for choosing to read them, and thank you to everyone for the...
Poetry for the Attys by animalfriends
Poetry for the Attysby Mimi
To write my poems I just let my imagination take over.
I fell for you... by _Halcyon_Days
I fell for Bliss Gonsalves
Flopest poem.ever written by me
Underneath the Stars And Other Poems by iluvmj95
Underneath the Stars And Other Imani
So...these are my poems. After years of just writing furiously to myself, I am finally putting them out there. Fun. *yay!* Well anyway, I hope you like them. Some of the...
Miss you.... by secrets_are_hidden
Miss Emerson
For all of those girls who wished they have tried harder to make that one guy stay with you....