Every Mask has Cracks by No_Wifi_at_Hogwarts
Every Mask has Cracksby Jacqueline Cohen
How I see the world: Friends are strangers. Pencils are knives. Fingernails are claws. Mirrors are flaws. Classmates are tears. Kisses are fear. Masks are shields. Exce...
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Surreptitious Waterfalls by Exodus_Reimagined
Surreptitious Waterfallsby Exodus_Reimagined
Poems that search for meaning, far beyond that of the soul; venturing into the realms of 'unfenced existence'. Touching on the fabrication of human nature. Meaning of th...
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MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys 2012 Poetry Contest  Entry by MsButterfly
MsButterfly's Poems: The Attys Ms.Butterfly
An entry for Attys 2012 (Competitor) poetry contest consisting of 10 poems written in 10 different poetic form. Contents: 1.Kyrielle: "Death" 2.Shakespearean S...
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Puttana  by _Halcyon_Days
Puttana by Bliss Gonsalves
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