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14 Nights In Emeliano's Bed  by Emelradine
14 Nights In Emeliano's Bed by Nora Rebecca JPee
{COMPLETED} Forced to spend two weeks with a monster like Emeliano Alfredo, Innocent and determined Rebecca Lewis's life, changed for the worse. ⚜⚜ Traveling back to the...
  • trouble
  • emelradine
  • possessive
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14 Days LGBT+ Challenge by Jack-the-Fibber
14 Days LGBT+ Challengeby Andy/Deceit Sanders
People wanted me to do this one as well.
  • lgbt-themed
  • lgbt
  • 14days
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Fourteen Days: Breaking apart by PsychoImaginator1813
Fourteen Days: Breaking apartby PsychoImaginator1813
This story is a sequel of Fourteen Days: Fall in love at least once. Abigail: Did you tell Ryan? Me: No Abigail: Why not?!... Somebody has a fling. Someone has a breakup...
  • breakup
  • taken
  • jealousy
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14 Days  by AvenirCrystal
14 Days by AvenirCrystal
One day, a girl changes everything. Nijino Yume, an audacious, free-spirited, fourteen-year-old from the Four Star/F.S Junior High school, a third year whose likes to si...
  • subayu
  • aikatsustars
  • aikatsu
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14 Confessions • Jikook by Anonymously_Jikook
14 Confessions • Jikookby IT'S ELLA, YA HOES
In which Jimin only has 14 days to live. And he spent it confessing to Jungkook... who has a girlfriend. RANKED: #1 in 14days #1 in Confessions #12 in Jikook ::.::.::.:...
  • jungkook
  • jikook
  • jungguk
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14 Days by Jotunn_Queen
14 Daysby Mischief 💚
Loki wakes up alone on Sakaar, and after getting himself out of some sticky situations he finds himself in the Grandmaster's palace. Will he try to get away, or will he...
  • 14days
  • valkyrie
  • fanfiction
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14 day LGBT challenge by baby-dont-hurt-me
14 day LGBT challengeby What is love
I saw this on Instagram and decided to try it out, maybe it'll help for anyone who reads this to get to know me better or something idk. Let's get right into it.
  • lgbtq
  • inspiredbyinstagram
  • gay
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The 14 Day Deal by dreamingofvenice
The 14 Day Dealby Ria Stiller
When popular girl Tessa Thomas stumbles across mysterious loner: Axel Turner readying himself to jump off a cliff to his death she swiftly tries to convince the boy othe...
  • time
  • youonlyliveonce
  • missperfectisntperfect
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14 Day LGBT+ Challenge {COMPLETE} by Blue_Diamond5
14 Day LGBT+ Challenge {COMPLETE}by That’s gay
I feel like it's time to show more of my LGBT pride, so, why not make a book dedicated to it? Enjoy! Edit of 2018: My sexuality has changed
  • pride
  • 14days
  • challenge
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14 DAYS WITH RAPMONSTER  by Pearl_fangirl
While coming back to home after celebrating her birthday vani never thought a huge surprise is waiting for her !!! The story is whole fan fiction . I didn't meant to hur...
  • jimin
  • fanfiction
  • suga
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14 Days by HorrorPaw
14 Daysby Luana
*sigh* I suck at remembering days So I want a way to remember it And I was like Why not with a challenge? So. Here I go. Just for 14 days
  • myself
  • love
  • random
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14 days left. by Lola_lang26
14 days left.by Lola_lang26
A story writen by me. Based in Manchester. You probably know what happend a few days ago. 22 dead and many injured. Kids and teenagers along with adults... imagine you b...
  • arianagrande
  • shortstory
  • 22
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Bryana. »a.i. #wattys2015 (TRANSLATION) by lxrrymyqueen
Bryana. »a.i. #wattys2015 (TRANSLA...by Yours sincerely, me.
Book #1 of the Fans series. You: "I hate you." You: "God, Asthon, I hate you so much." You: "And you have no idea how awful it is because I have...
  • groupies
  • badenoughforyou
  • cliffordfeer
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14 Day LGBT+ Challenge  by Sir_Figglehorn
14 Day LGBT+ Challenge by Capri Sun Bebe
14 Day challenge
  • yeet
  • lgbtchallenge
  • meep
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14 Days to a Better One Shot by Maker-of-History
14 Days to a Better One Shotby Vlad
I post any One Shot's that are sent to me! SEND THEM IN! I just came up with the 14 Days to a Better One Shot name. There will not be a limit to how many One Shot's will...
  • frankiero
  • gerardway
  • mikeyway
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Kukiko's Rights by KnightKyra
Kukiko's Rightsby Hollow Knight
Bad Boys, Bad Girls. Similar right? Start trouble, don't care about anyone else. Kukiko, is a normal exchange student from Japan. Jordan and Aaron are the bad boys of th...
  • kyranarwhals
  • fiction
  • school
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14 Days by MaryAllen383
14 Daysby Mary Allen
There are only 14 days. Until the end. Samantha Chaise - A young teenage girl in love with Dustin Turner. Her boyfriend. Or, now, EX-boyfriend. Dustin finds out about a...
  • decision
  • sad
  • dying
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I came back to explain... by cmloch24
I came back to explain...by Marie-27
Paisley has been dead for a 1 month now... But Parker swears he keeps seeing her... When Parkers neighbor, Paisley Oaklend dead last month. Parker didn't feel like he...
  • dealth
  • mystery
  • ghosts
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Krampus VS Santa Clause by stargirl1515
Krampus VS Santa Clauseby Michelle Mottey
The story you never heard before.
  • 14days
  • deals
  • santacluase
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