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14 Nights In Emeliano's Bed by Emelradine
14 Nights In Emeliano's Bedby Rebecca
NOW EXCLUSIVE ON RADISH 14 nights. 1 Billionaire Bad Boy. 1 Woman at his mercy. Emeliano Alfredo is Rebecca Lewis's worst enemy. After an argument with the most ruthles...
14 Days by Jotunn_Queen
14 Daysby Mischief 💚
Loki wakes up alone on Sakaar, and after getting himself out of some sticky situations he finds himself in the Grandmaster's palace. Will he try to get away, or will he...
14 days left. by Lola_lang26
14 days left.by Lola_lang26
A story writen by me. Based in Manchester. You probably know what happend a few days ago. 22 dead and many injured. Kids and teenagers along with adults... imagine you b...
The 14 Day Deal by dreamingofvenice
The 14 Day Dealby Ria Stiller
When popular girl Tessa Thomas stumbles across mysterious loner: Axel Turner readying himself to jump off a cliff to his death she swiftly tries to convince the boy othe...
14 Days by HorrorPaw
14 Daysby Luana
*sigh* I suck at remembering days So I want a way to remember it And I was like Why not with a challenge? So. Here I go. Just for 14 days
14 Day Paradise by SheeeeeyAnne
14 Day Paradiseby purpleLYanne
Dear ZAM, Love is like a river. You'll see the starting line but never the finish line. It is like a waterfalls. It'll gathered all the waters and spread it like wild f...
14 Days: with love and Apocalypse[On Hold] by AdkenKnight
14 Days: with love and Apocalypse[...by Adken Knight
"Every day when I looked at the stars, I thought about her. She transformed me. I felt, my psyche, body and heart still belonged to her until I met you." I sai...
Bryana. »a.i. #wattys2015 (TRANSLATION) by lxrrymyqueen
Bryana. »a.i. #wattys2015 (TRANSLA...by Yours sincerely, me.
Book #1 of the Fans series. You: "I hate you." You: "God, Asthon, I hate you so much." You: "And you have no idea how awful it is because I have...
Kukiko's Rights by KnightKyra
Kukiko's Rightsby Hollow Knight
Bad Boys, Bad Girls. Similar right? Start trouble, don't care about anyone else. Kukiko, is a normal exchange student from Japan. Jordan and Aaron are the bad boys of th...
14 Days to a Better One Shot by Maker-of-History
14 Days to a Better One Shotby Midnight
I post any One Shot's that are sent to me! SEND THEM IN! I just came up with the 14 Days to a Better One Shot name. There will not be a limit to how many One Shot's will...
14 days 14 dressis by weeb_comics
14 days 14 dressisby the unpopular weeb
a girl named Lizzy has 14 days till prom and she has a guy she likes but will she ever pick a dress will she ever ask her crush Nicholas out? will her BFF loris help her...
14 days before Christmas  by the_lone_wolf103
14 days before Christmas by Bubbles
I packed up my stuff getting ready to leave History. When I heard my teacher call my name. "Yes mr. brown?" I asked as I turned around. He looked at me for a...
Czas oczekiwania by HappySunflower11
Czas oczekiwaniaby HappySunflower
Czyli wyzwanie pisarskie, którego podjęłam się u AzogBladyOrk, rozpoczęte 28 marca 2020, trwające 14 dni. Zdjęcie z okładki pochodzi ze strony pixabay.com
In Just 14 Days by Einsteinice
In Just 14 Daysby Flenice Alyanna
After her parents died in a car crash in Florida, Zyren Navarro decided to move back to the Philippines to live with her grandparents. Until one day she woke up in a hos...
14 Day LGBT+ Challenge {COMPLETE} by Blue_Diamond5
14 Day LGBT+ Challenge {COMPLETE}by Blue
I feel like it's time to show more of my LGBT pride, so, why not make a book dedicated to it? Enjoy! Edit of 2018: My sexuality has changed