Chapter 8

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During her hazy sleep, SB woke up to two sounds; one being Bumblebee's engine revving in the background, almost as if her expected for Sam and SB to wake up in the middle of the night, crying out the word 'No' repeatedly as he ran down the hallway of the household banging into SB's door, which jolted her out of bed.

Swinging her legs out of bed. SB quickly stood up only to lose her balance the very second. "Woah!" Landing face first, SB groaned out in pain for her nose caught the brute of the force. "Ow."

Lifting her head up, SB now noticing that her bedsheets have wrapped around her legs while she slept. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me."

Twisting her body around, she quickly united herself and grabbed her sneakers not even bothering to put on socks. Hoping on one foot down the hallway and stairs. SB, quickly readjusting her shoes to a more comfortable position before bolting out of the house in a sprint, her voice echoing in the dark, cold neighbourhood. "Dad, call the cops, the car's been stolen, I'm going after Sam."

Seizing her skateboard resting against her house, SB Skated down the street, listening out for Sam's frantic yelling on his bike that she noticed was missing when she was grabbing her board.

Skating down in the dark street at a fast pace, SB Struggled to see anything 4 feet in front of her eye's and ears straining for either brother Sam or there suppose stolen vehicle near position.

Continuing to skate down a different street, SB didn't notice two beautiful Lamborghinis patrolling the area, their red and yellow paint lightly glowing under the moon's ray. Engines and headlights off, just as SB skated by turning down a different street where she thought she heard the familiar sound of Bumblebee's engines.

"Where the hell are, they?" Saying her thought's out loud, SB did a classic cartoon move and scratched the top of her head in confusion, skating into the middle of a plus street and stopping.

Hearing the familiar sound of Bee's engine, SB twisted her body slightly behind her just catching a glimpse of the tail end of Bumblebee's bumper passing right under a streetlight before disappearing down a different street.

Twisting back around and pointing her skateboard down the same street he went, SB crouched down low a big smirk on her face as she pushed off hard; Skating down the same street Bee just went through she saw the yellow Camaro not that far from her, almost like he was expecting SB to catch up with him even at his slow pace.

Pushing a bit harder, SB gently grabbed hold of Bee's back fender fin; feeling his Ault-body jump at the sudden contact followed by his framework heating up the longer her hands were gently holding on.

"Relax Bumble's it's me, SB." She whispered in a soothing voice, causing the yellow mech to calm down a bit but his body still felt warm where SB was holding onto him. "Where are we going?"

Hearing the radio change stations, SB only got out one sentence from, him. "You'll see sweetspark."

Feeling her cheeks heat up at the cute pet name, SB stayed quiet during the whole trip. Her eye's looking out for Sam. Which wasn't hard considering he's screeching at the top of his lungs on his phone peddling hid bike like a crackhead on meth.

"Hey Bee, might wanna pick up the pace Sam's right behind us." She whispered, still bending down to avoid being seen by Sam. Her lips lightly pressed against Bee's boot, causing the poor bot's mainframe to overheat.

'She's too close to my back' Thought Bumblebee, swerving a little.

"You good Bee?" Whispered SB, still pretty close to Bee's rear bumper.

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