Authors notes

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Hey everyone, I do apologise for the late updates but so far University or college for others, is really taking a toll on me; the assessments are a bit harder as they changed the whole learning process that not only screwed up and confused the students but also the lecturers. Luckily for me, I only have one last assessment to hand in and then I can work on giving you all updates.

For the past couple of days, I've also been working on twitch stuff for me to stream and even youtube. I do have a new Instagram account with a link on my profile here with a new name called PreciousPie1999, from there I will be posting drawings and story sneak peeks, I'm also thinking of making a Kofi account but not fully sure as of yet.

I really appreciate you all being very patient with me, about the updates as I know how frustrating, a good fanfic can be when the writer hasn't updated in a while, but do not fret as I am not discontinuing any of the stories that I make, they are only on hold until I have the time to write and post them.

I am even thinking of making my OC's from the fanfics into stickers. But seriously once again thank you all, I appreciate you all so much and with how far we have come in this journey, I look forward to writing more for you all and as always stay safe and have a lovely day my lovelies.

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