Chapter 1

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 Cybertron: Autobot base, mission room.

"Only you select five were chosen for this mission, due too your test scores in combat and stealth." Said a white and black mech, looking at his datapad, not once removing his optics from whatever he's reading.

'Think he's got a dirty picture of Jazz?" Texted Skyblast, chuckling when she imagined Prowl receiving an odd looking picture of the saboteur.

'Probably.' Replied Bumblebee, trying his hardest to hide his amusement but failed badly due to his doorwings on his back, slightly moving while Skyblast's stayed neutral.

In the corner of her optics, Skyblast notices that prowl's wings kind of stiffened along with his body. his optics seemed to be trained on a certain thing on the pad.

Optics widening in realisation, Skyblast quickly messaged Bee in a panic frenzy, her wings fluttering out of nervosity. 'Scrap, Bee I forgot that Prowl is also monitoring everybot's com text. Sorry, Prowl.'

'Frag your right I forgot about that we're so sorry Prowl.' Replied Bumblebee, feeling equally guilty.

'Don't sweat it you two, I should've known something like this would've happened, considering I'm still doing some paperwork that Optimus gave me.' Texted Prowl in a private com to each of them. 'Plus apology accepted.'

'Yeik's, how much paperwork did Sire give you?' She questioned,

'Mmmmhh not a lot, just a few.' he returned back

Sighing from her friends stubbornest, Skyblast sent a bit of amusement to her sire, who in return sent confusion.

[What's so funny?] Questioned Optimus through the bond.

[Nothing I'll explain a bit later, maybe.] mumbled Skyblast. [Anyway, how far away are you?] 

Before she could get a reply the sound of the meeting room's  door, sliding open sent those present in the room on alert, with their back's straight, gaze fixed straight ahead and their servos placed behind their backs.

"At ease soldiers, take a seat so the meeting can begin." Commanded Optimus, in a gentle tone.

Nodding their head's in understanding, each soldier took a seat around the room. With Skyblast sitting close to her friend.

"Thank you, all for coming, the reason you are here is that  the location of the Cube has been found." Said Optimus, placing his servos behind his back and optics landing on each faceplate for a couple of astroseconds.

Clearly, each faceplate held, shock and surprise. Everybot heard about the Cube and how it could save their home planet.

"If you don't mind me asking." Called Hotrod his strange accent sending chills down Skybalst's spin. "But, where exactly is it?" 

"On a planet called 'Earth'" butted in Prowl, tapping something on the pad and a planet that had a blue surrounding, with strange green shapes popping up.

"The exact location of the Cube is unknown only that it is somewhere on that planet." Add Optimus

"Which brings the reason why you're all here. You five are to travel in status pods to Earth, locate the Cube and send a beacon to the rest of us, where Optimus and his selected team will meet you, all while maintaining a low profile. Any other questions?" Finished Prowl, looking at each bot.

Taking it as her opportunity, Skyblast quickly shot her arm up before anybot else.

Jumping at his friend's sudden excitement, Bumblebee lightly chuckled. 'Primus, I love her. I just wish I could mech up and tell her my feelings.' Thought Bee

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