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Jayy's P.O.V.

"It's not that scary" I reassured her

"Yeah right. We both know you chose this movie to scare me you asshole." I giggled slightly. She was right. I did.

"Aww, baby i'm sorry. Next time you can choose the movie. As long as its not a chick flick"  I said

"Why the hell would i pick out a chick flick?" She asked looking up from my chest.

'I don't know i was just making sure you didn't. I ain't watching that shit." I said

"Oh so when Jeffree's boyfriend breaks up with him you'll watch chick flicks with him and let him cry to you and everything, but when your girlfriend wants to watch a movie just for the hell of it you 'ain't watching that shit' ? Oh, i see how it is." She said faking being hurt.

"He told you about that?" I groaned

"Jayy, he's my father. He told me about that." She retorted in a duh tone.

"Fine, if you wanted to watch a chick flick we'd watch it, just for you." I said finally going back to the subject that started this whole argument.

"Hehe yay." She replied giggling slightly


We sat in silence for a while

"How are we gonna tell Jeffree?" She asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

I let out a sigh.

"I don't know baby." i said trying to sound as reassuring as possible, but failing miserably.

"But what is we tell him and it ruing everything? Between you and Jeffree? Between Jeffree and I? And what about you and I?" She asked. Sadness filling her voice.

"Phoenix, you're his little girl. he could never hate you if that't what you're getting out. of course he's gonna be worried about you at first. i would be to. But he's your father baby. He might disapprove at first, but he'll come around. Trust me on this."

She let out a sigh. "Alright." She said. Worry still present in her voice.

I pulled her into my lap to comfort her. She buried her face in my chest.

I rested my head in her green and purple hair.

I felt a few tears escape from her eyes.

I pulled her closer to me. She buried her face deeper in my chest as i began to sing;

Believe in me, When you feel like you're losing all your hopes and dreams

Believe in me, When I am gone you gotta keep a smile on

Believe in me, Goodbye my friends; Just celebrate the times we spent

Believe in me, We all die; It's an awfully big adventure

Believe in me, When I'm gone...

We all fall down, but we'll pick you up

We all fall down, but we'll pick you up

Believe in me, Just keep your faith and believe in all that you make

Believe in me, My love is not a gamble; You can count on me

Believe in me, No lies, Just love, I will be pure just like the sun

Believe in me, When you are down I will lift you up from the ground

Believe in me, When I'm gone...

We all fall down, but we'll pick you up

We all fall down, but we'll pick you up

If you're afraid of death

It'll come at you at the speed of light

Only if your not afraid of death

It will cast it's shadowy eyes upon you

And guide you into the eternal, infinity

Believe in me, When I'm gone...

We all fall down, but we'll pick you up

We all fall down, but we'll pick you up

I love you

Just as i finished the song, she unexpectedly turned around and kissed me.

"Thank you" She said into the kiss.

 I was shocked for a second but quickly brushed it off and began to kiss her back. Her body began to melt and move with mine as i deepened the kiss I gently brushed my tongue against her bottom lip. She immediately gave me entrance. As my tongue explored her mouth i felt her begin to unbuckle my belt.

She slipped my pants off and began to rub her finger around the top of my boxers. I started slipping her shirt off as she leaned us back.

I was going for the hook of her bra when i heard the door swing open.

"GUYS WE'RE HO-" a loud gasp came from the door. Phoenix and I looked up at the same time.



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