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On to the story...



-3 months later-

Dahvie's P.O.V.

Its been three months since Phoenix was put into a coma. She still hasn't woken up. Everybody still refused to let go. Christmas was coming in 2 weeks and everyone had bought her Christmas presents even though the doctors had said they were fairly positive she would never wake up.

Jayy seemed to be taking it the hardest. He wouldn't leave the hospital. He rarely ate, and what he did he threw back up. He had lost a lot of weight. Honestly I was worried about him most of all. Even more than Phoenix. What would happen if one day her machine controlled heart decided to give out? Jayy's bad now but she's still alive now. I can only imagine if she were gone forever. He'd probably go with her. At the rate he's going he's doing a good job of it.

Jeffree was basically all cried out, he just sort of looked dead.

We were sitting at the hospital, as we were most days now, just talking.

"What are we going todo when we go on tour? Just leave her here like this?" Jayy asked sounding both sad and angry.

"Jayy... I-I don't know." I honestly didn't. I didn't want to leave her here like this. But our fans want to see us too. But with the way we looked right now they'd probably scream and run away.

We haven't been on twitter in a week. Rumors that we're dead have probably spread everywhere.

I don't know what would make Jayy feel better. That's something only Phoenix would know. She always had a way of knowing what Jayy wanted. She always knew how to cheer him up. But we all know what he wants right now, and that's something we can't give him. Phoenix.


Jayy's P.O.V.

I sat in the hospital waiting for her to wake up just like i do every day.

And just like every other day she didn't.

Just the someone knocked on the door.

"Phoenix Star, correct?" The doctor said walking in.

"Yes sir." Jeffree said.

"Well, I'm afraid i have some... Bad news." He said slowly. My heart sank.

"Well I'm afraid our machines aren't going to keep her going much longer. It's been three months and she's not showing signs of waking up. I'll let you all say your goodbyes." He said and walked out the door.

I burst into tears again.

How could i live without her.

Dahvie came over to comfort me.

"It's alright man. She won't feel anything. Nobody to hurt her anymore." He said softly.

"Yeah because she'll be fucking six feet underground!" I snapped

He sighed. I just cuddled into his chest and cried.

I entered the room. I was the last one to say goodbye. I wanted to be the last to speak to her.


Phoenix's P.O.V.

Could I see anything? No.

Could I say anything? No.

Could I move? Nope.

Could I feel anything? Yep.

Could I hear everything? Absolutely.

I could hear Jayy crying after they said they had to let me go. I wanted to wake up so bad.

But how?

I felt Jayy touch my hand. His tears dripped on my hand.

"I love you so much. I hope you know that. I don't know what i'm gonna do now that you're gone.I might lose it. I might end up going with you. Who knows?" He said through sobs.

I attempted to squeeze his hand back thinking I was going to fail just like all the other times. But this time my hand actually moved. I heard him gasp.

"Phoenix?" I asked confusedly.

Just then my eyes fluttered open. Bright lights quickly entered and burned my eyes, i closed them.

"PHOENIX!" He screamed leaping onto me and attacking me with a huge hug.

"I love you too Jayy." I said. My voice was raspy. I can see why. I didn't use it for three months.

He smiled hugely. "I gotta call and tell the nurse." He said happily.

Just then Jeffree burst in. "Jayy are you alright i heard scre- PHOENIX!" He ran over and quickly engulfed me in a hug.

Dahvie walked in. "What's all the yelling abo- PHOENIX?!" He saide in awe. He rubbed his eyes like he though he was dreaming. "OH MY GOD PHOENIX!" He screamed realizing it was real.

"Was i missed this much?" I asked.

 "DUUHH!" Jayy screamed jumping into the be with me.

I giggled and cuddled into his chest.

Then the nurse walked in. "Wow. I can't believe you're awake." She said when she saw me. I hadn't stopped smiling since i had woken up. I just smiled bigger.

She checked to make sure everything was right and she told me that they would be keeping me over night to make sure everything stayed like it was and if it did i could go home tomorrow.

I looked up at Jayy from where i was laying on his chest, then to Jeffree and Dahvie who were standing beside my bed.

God I missed them.

I yawned.

"Try to get some sleep. We'll be right here." Jayy said softly and kissed my head. I smiled and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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