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*Christmas Eve*

Jayy's P.O.V

I woke up to slight moving on my chest. I opened my eyes to find the kitten rubbing my chest with it's head. I chuckled sleepily. I played with the cat until my phone rang. It was Phoenix.



"Good morning Jayybear. I'm sorry did I wake you?" She asked

"Good morning baby, and no you didn't I've been awake a few minutes." I replied happily.

"Well, I'm glad I didn't wake you." She said more happy now. "Are you coming to the hospital to see Aussie today?" She asked changing the subject.

"Of course." I said I flung the covers off of me, the cold air hit and I shivered loudly.

"Oh yeah. Jayy look out your window." She said.

"I'm scared." I said playfully.

"Just look." She said with fake annoyance.

"Mmkay." I said wrapping the blanket around me and leaning up. I pulled the curtain back. It was snowing. White flakes still falling out of the sky.

"Snow?... In Arizona?" I asked confused.

"Yep. It surprised me too. But you remember that cold front we got last two nights ago?"


"Well looks like it brought snow with it." She said merrily.

"And on Christmas eve." I said almost whispering.


"Well come over. I wanna spend my snow day with you." I whined

"Haha mmkay. Hold on." she said "Hey Daddy!" I heard her scream.

"Yeah?'' I hear Jeffree's voice ask.

"Can we go to Jayy's today?" She asked merrily.

"Sure." He said simply.

"Yes!'' She celebrated.

"He said yes. I'll be over in about 3 hours."

"Okay baby. I'll let you get ready. I'm gonna get ready too." I said.

"Okay, bye. I love you."

"Bye I love you too baby."


I sighed and got up. I walked down stairs and the smell of bacon hit me.

"Good morning." Dahvie greeted merrily.

Just then some chick with obviously fake boobs walked down the stairs half naked and sat on the couch.

I drug Dahvie into the kitchen.

"Dahvie, who's the whore sitting on my couch?" I asked sternly

"I have no fucking clue man. I woke up with her this morning." He laughed

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