Phoenix's P.O.V.


I woke up in my bed, Jayy beside me still asleep. I turned to look at the clock beside my bed. 3:24 a.m. Damn. Well, I'm not tired anymore. I made sure not to wake Jayy up as I got up and made my way down the stairs. I fed Lucifer and Violet. It's 3 in the morning but I'm wide awake. I walked to the cupboard and got out a glass. I opened the fridge and took out the carton of orange juice, pouring it into the glass. I took a sip, walking into the living room.

I plopped down onto the couch, turning on the TV. Nobody has time for the news, who watches Food Network? "Here we go" I said as I turned on Bad Girls Club, not because I like it, because the fighting is hilarious. Almost as soon as I turned it on someone got pushed into the counter. I laughed louder than I meant to. I covered my mouth and listened to see if I had woken anyone up. Nope.

I heard the front door unlock and open. I turned to see my dad at the door. "Daddy!" I called running up to him and tackling him into a hug. "Why are you up at 3 in the morning?" He asked hugging back. "I fell asleep a few minutes after you left yesterday." I said simply. He just nodded. I have odd sleeping patterns.

"Well I'm tired I'm going to bed" He yawned. "Okay" I said giving him a hug he hugged me back before disappearing up the stairs. After Bad Girls Club went off I just decided to listen to music for a few minutes. I was dancing to Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance when I heard a loud crash in the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and turned on the light. I saw Lucifer sitting in the cupboards with a broken glass below him. "Come on Lucifer" I groaned taking him out of the cupboard. I sat him on the ground and went to clean up the glass. I picked up the last big shard of glass. I heard another loud crash behind me. I jumped which caused me to squeeze the shard I had in my hand. I swear I heard it stab into my skin.

I let out a shriek of pain as I released the glass. "Shit" I muttered looking at the cut. It was pretty deep. Nothing that looked too serious. Just a lot of blood. "Phoenix?" I heard Jayy's voice call. Shit. Did I scream that loud? "I'm in here" I called. I heard his footsteps coming towards the kitchen. "Holy shit what'd you do." He asked entering the kitchen and rushing over to me. "Lucifer knocked down a glass and I was cleaning it up and she knocked off something else and I cut my hand" I said. My hand was burning like a motherfucker. It was bleeding a lot. "I think you're going to have to get stitches." He said. "What?" I asked "Why would I have to get stitches it's just a cut" I said. I tried to move my hand but stopped when a blinding pain went up my arm. I cried out in pain. "Well I'm not a doctor or anything but I feel like a cut that you can almost see bone through is a pretty serious thing but I don't know maybe that's just me," He said, sarcasm filling his voice. "Plus I think you should be able to move your hand with 'just a cut'"

So I guess I'm going to the hospital. Jayy, of course, put clothes on. I didn't bother. "Let's go" Jayy said grabbing his keys. I sighed as I got up. I grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket. The throbbing pain in my hand hasn't stopped yet. The bleeding hasn't stopped yet either. Sometimes I think Jayy over reacts. But hey, I love him. "I still don't think this is necessary." I groaned. "Better safe than sorry" He said. There was an awkward silence. " Since when do you care about safety?" I asked. "Of course I'm going to care about safety when it comes to you. Why wouldn't I? What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't care about you when you got hurt?" He said. "Oh. I never thought of it like that." I said letting my vision drift out the window.


  We arrived to the hospital in silence and got out of the car. We walked inside and I let Jayy explain what was wrong. No one else was in the waiting area so they took me straight back. I wasn't exactly sure why they put me in a wheel chair when I could walk perfectly fine. But I'm a lazy bitch so I'm not complaining. They asked me what happened and I explained everything as they looked at my hand.

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