-Still Jayy's P.O.V.-

Just after Dahvie and Jeffree left Phoenix was on the couch, and i was in the kitchen.

"TWO PERSON BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR PARTY!" I yelled from the kitchen

"Jayy what the fuck?" Phoenix said walking in slowly

without saying anything i took out two shot glasses and a bottle of voda and looked up at Phoenix who immediately understood.

"Jayy, you know im not old enough to drink." she said slowly

"Who cares? Like i would go tell on you? i lied about my age for two years so i could drink. I have no room to judge." I said.

"You got me there" she said with a slight smile "alright then lets do this."

i quickly poured the first shots before she changed her mind. I did the count down. "3....2....1!"

we continued on like that for about 10 minutes but decided to stop so we wouldnt get too drunk.

For a long time we just sat there and talked. About what? I have no fucking idea. I was too busy zoned out looking at how beautiful she was. Neither of us were probably making sense anyways. My thoughts where soon interrupted by the phone ringing. I looked at it. Jeffree and Dahvie. "Shit" i muttered before answering the phone. Phoenix looked at me confused, but didnt say anything. "Hello" i answered trying my best not to slur my words. "Hey, Jayy. I was just calling to make sure you two were doing okay. Hows everything going?" Jeffree asked sounding somewhat worried.

"Everythings going fine. Great actually. I'm having more fun than i expected i would." i said stll be careful about slurring my words.

"Good! I'm glad you're having fun. listen i gotta go i'll call you guys later to say goodnight. Bye!"

"Bye" i said hanging up and turning to see Phoenix standing at the door.

"Hey" i said walking up to her slowly.

"Hey" she said hugging me slightly and then jumping on my bed. i giggled and went and laid beside her. She instantly grabbed me and pulled be closer to her. I sat there silent, staring into her beautiful brown eyes, but i was interrupted by her lips crashing against mine. not that i cared. i instantly started kissing back grabbing her waiste pulling her closer to me. The kiss started out innocent but got passionate quickly  i knew she wasnt ready to have sex yet. JUst as the thought came to mine she slowly, slowed down the kiss then gently broke it. "Another time. But not right now. Not while youre drunk." she said

wait... Did she just say another time? As in it was going to happen?

"Phoenix, i love you ive loved you for a while now. will you be my girlfriend?" i asked without a second thought.

"Jayy i love you too and ive loved you for a while now too, but..." her words drifted off

"But...?" i asked

"Jeffree" she said quietly

i pulled her closer "he doesnt have to know, baby. Not yet." i whispered in her ear

She looked up at me slowly "yes" she whispered.

i smiled and kissed her. She immediatly kissed back.

"i love you Phoenix" i said

"I love you too Jayybear" she said yawning and snuggling into my chest.

I began to pet her hair when she started outlining my boxers with her fingers. Tease.

"Fuckin' tease" i mumbled

She giggled slightly then fell asleep in my arms.

How are we ever gonna tell Jeffree?

That was my last thought before i fell asleep


Well, i hope you enjoyed reading as much as i enjoyed writing. (;

i WAS gonna write a sex scene but it just felt like it was too early in the book, but i didnt feel like erasing all of what would lead to the sex scene. i actually really like how this turned out. ill probably update this like... tomorrow? XD


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