Arc 4.4 - Xavier

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"Sir, we got an information from Alex, Mr. Zackry is currently visiting Rina." Xavier look at his bodyguard.

"Proceed" He play with pen while reading couple of documents with serious expression.

'cough' "He tried to pursue her to get back with him, means- getting married again" Xavier snapped his own Pen while looking at the document in front of him.

"Call Alex immediately, and You Ryan. Please spy what Zackry's next move. He will be dead if he tried to take my woman from me" Xavier smirk bring Ryan to a shiver.

"Right away, Sir" Ryan hurried up getting out from the Xavier room, then Alex come in.

"Updates" Xavier look at Alex, his tie already loose due to the lack of patience.

"Sir, what Ryan told you is the same as my updates but the circumstance changes, now  Liam hate his own father because of Zackry selfishness to fullfill his desire due to that action he loss Liam trust. Everytime he visit, he will give a gift to Liam unfortunately it's been throwed away by Liam." Xavier take another Pen. He play with his fingers

"He should know his own places, play with my woman who did he think he is? A president? A king? Haaa what an absurd mind he had!" Xavier snickers about Zackry. Alex body is shivering, he is afraid of Xavier.

*Knock* *knock*

"President, Sir Charles has come." Another Secretary appears in front of the door.

"Tell him to go to meeting, I will be there in minutes" Xavier said.

"You know what you should do Alex, one mistake, you will be doom" Xavier tidy his tie before walk away.


"I hope she will accept him as soon as possible." Alex walk out from Xavier's building.

"Hello, please proceed as we plan. Hmm. Thank you." Alex then get in to car.


"Mom. Father didn't come here today." Liam say to Rina.

"Why, Is Liam miss father?" Rina dried his son hair with a hair dryer.

"No. Actually it's weird to have him here. Mom why don't you want get back with father?" Rina turn off the hair dryer and turn Liam body to face her.

"If mommy say doesn't want it, will Liam get upset at mommy?" Rina asked Liam while rub his cheeks.

"No! I mean no, mommy. Liam will not upset at mommy, if mommy didn't end up together with father. Its okay. You have me mommy." he hugged Rina waist.

"Why.." Rina rub his back body.

"Liam can live without father, but can't without mommy" he look up at Rina with tears in his eyes.

"Aw.. my baby Liam. Don't cry.. okay. Mom will never gonna leave you." She kissed Liam forehead.

Rina turn on Hair dryer and continue to dry his hair.

"But if mommy want to get marry again, mommy should get marry with Uncle Xavier" Liam said excitedly.

"And why is that?" Rina amused with his son talkative side.

"Because Uncel Xavier look likes a superhero. Remember when Mom nearly get hurt by the bad people? Uncle Xavier save mom like a superman. So strong and tough. Uncle Xavier don't look bad too. He is handsome but not as Liam." Liam said proudly.

Ha... I nearly forgot about that, I don't know who send gangsters to my bakery shop but it cause a huge talk to neighbour. Luckly, Xavier are there to Save me.

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