Arc 2.4 - Heng

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Rina’s PoV

----- Time Skip-----

It's been six months since my confession had happened. Everything still the same. My violin class has been so successful after Heng Ruo taught with patient for 1 month.

After all, I was praised by my lecturer for my violin presentation. If not because of Heng, I think my presentation in front of the class would have been a disaster.

Talking about our male lead and female lead, they are in a relationship now. A Love-Hate relationship actually due to Kang Jian always teasing Lijuan and thus making her mad at him. Their love is so cute actually.

In terms of my relationship, Heng Ruo's keeping ours relationship as a secret from the others. He never tells his friends about our relationship. Although I do feel insecure as to why he is not telling his best friends, I tried to push all negative thoughts from my head and accept it as a challenge.

I’m already happy and content because I managed to change the story line. He never spent his time with Lijuan. Although our dates and meeting are in secret, i'm always happy with it.

*love sick * Yeon throw up 🤮

Today we are going to Vaadho Island in Maldives. F4 guys, Lijuan and I are going to the Maldives. This is my first vacation. I feel so ecstatic.

I was packing my clothes when I heard my phone ringing. I look at the name that appears on the phone screen.*My little giant♡* He’s calling me. I stood up and went to the veranda.

"Hello, my giant. Why are you calling me?" I ask him. "Why? Can't I call my own girl?" He teased me.

"I'm not saying that you can't. Just curious about it. So whats up?" I queried him again. I heard him sighing. "It just.. I need you right now. I want your shoulder and hug you. To fill my energy back." He tells me. I can imagine him pouting right now. He can be such a clingy boyfriend its only happen when he's in a bad mood at the moment.

"You're in a bad mood, right? Why don't you come to my apartment and tell me everything. I want to see you. I miss you a lot, My little giant." I pleaded with him to come.

"I..can't. I'm with someone right now" he voice sounds like stutter. "With who?" I prodded. "Just someone. I’m asking him for advice, and he’s also in need some advices from me." He replied. 'Haa..He doesn't want to tell me about it..huh?'

"All right. But if you have time, come to my apartment. Okay? Or if you're don't, just drive carefully and come home safe, please?" I said to him.

"Okay, my little Rina." he said. "I need to finish packing my clothes. I need to go now. I will call you back later. Love you, my little giant." I bid farewell. "Hmm. Bye. You too" with a simple reply, he turned off his phone. It's always like that. I really want him to say that he loved me too but I don't want force him. I will just wait for him to say to me.


We’ve already gathered at Kang Jian's private jet. He uses his family's private jet to bring us to Maldives.

When we arrived in Maldives. We went straight to the beach's house. At that time I just knew that the beach belonged to Heng Ruo's. His father gave it to him, despite his father never loving him as his son. He‘s still lucky for his father to give him an asset.

I wait at the hall with Lijuan before the reception's worker gave us our keys. I got my own room. Heng has his own private's room. Lijuan and Kang Jian are assigned to another room. The other 2 boys have each room for themselves.

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