Arc 1.1 - Kai

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"Auch! It hurts so damn much!!! Why can't you punch any softer?" I asked angrily.

"Wait... where am I?" I look around me, it creep me out when I saw nothing in here.

'Now, you're worrying about it huh? Why aren't you outraged even more? I really like to hear your cursing.' Yeon said with a cheerful yet sarcastic tone. Geez!

'You're in the first world. Now this world is easy. You only have to act like your normal character. You can either act normal (out of character) or not (in a character), it depends on how you want this story to end. Okay?' Yeon explained, I nod my head.

'Okay I will explain the plot of this world. Lee Anne is the not-so favorite but rather neglected daughter of General Lee. His wife died while giving birth to Anne and General Lee blamed his daughter as if she really was the cause of his beloved (wife)'s death.

Lee Anne never knew what it is like to be loved, or having someone as family or father. His father later married a second wife. Although her step mother is kind and has never harmed her, but her stepmother pretend that Lee Anne is non-existent in their everyday family life. Lee Anne has to survive alone to find food and money to sustain herself. This persisted until she met The Third Prince Wang Lei, the Protagonist of this world.

When she met him, her pure heart had fallen in love with him for the kindness he had shown to her. The protagonist too, had fallen for her at first sight. After all, her purity glowed through from her delicate face, making it seem that she is always in need of protection from any dangers. These qualities caught Wang Lei's heart and mind.

As a man truly in love, it is expected for him to show off his lady to his best man first. For Wang Lei's case, General Kai is the said man. He is the strongest general and the one-and-only best friend of The Third Prince. When Wang Lei introduced Lee Anne to him, he didn't like her at all at first due to his preconceived notion (prejudice). Girls are materialistic and would only use men like The Third Prince to obtain a high ranking position.

What he thought about woman wete slowly proven wrong and his feelings toward her changed day by day as he spent his time with his best friend and his friend's beloved, Lee Anne.

Unfortunately in the process, he has also fallen in love with her innocence and her "Pure" white lotus character. He watched the girl he loved end up with his best friend and protected them until the end of his life. He even neglected his Fiance who loved and waited for him.

This said neglected fiance is Lee Rina, Lee Anne's half sister. She has loved General Kai since she was 10 years old, and has pursued him since then. Although he barely acknowledged her, she has always stayed loyal to him. She has even bore witness to how her beloved Kai fell for Lee Anne.

Out of her bitter jealousy, she smeared Lee Anne's reputation by spreading bad speculation that she is only a lowly scullery maid that only stayed in the Third Prince's house just to seduce him to which she succeeded. Naturally, this slandering speculation only made the Protagonist completely furious at her and sent assassins to kill her. Even General Kai wouldn't do anything because he too thinks that Lee Rina's action is harmful against his beloved; and to protect this unrequited love, he is willing to do anything even if it meant killing his own fiance.' Yeon explained the plot.

"Wow.. this actually absurd world. And wait... What character did I get?" I asked Yeon.

I'm actually sure I get Lee Anne character.

' will be, Lee Rina..the second daughter of General Lee. The antagonist of this world. Are you ready?' Yeon asked with a cynical smile.

"What!!! You scammer System!! I will..kkil.. "

'Good luck, Lee Rina '

-Edited by ChunelleCEspanol-

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