Arc 2.3 - Heng

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Rina's PoV

Heng Ruo and I have been spending time together for the past 2 weeks. We do it in secret place of course. Every time Heng Ruo teaches me how to play the violin correctly, he becomes much more serious; but I like to tease him when he does so. Day by day we seem to talk to each other a lot. I can see he starts to open his personal space to me.

Sometimes we teased each other, and sometimes we became serious when I'm in our learning session on how to play the violin.

I didn't introduce him to Lijuan yet. I told him that he must teach me first how to play the violin until I can play it without any errors.

The reason: I want to keep him away from Lijuan. I don't want any interaction between Heng Ruo with Lijuan. It isn't bad if I wish to protect what's mine specifically. But if the fans girls learn what I have in mind for their Cold Prince, then surely they will kill me.


It's finally lunch hour time. I look at my watch. It's two o'clock already. I excused myself from Lijuan, telling her that I have something to do. I rushed to our secret place. A room that he booked for us, only for lunch hour.

After I arrived, I heard someone playing the violin with a sad melody. I look at his facial expression. He looked absorbed in his melody as his eyes turned sorrowful.

"Hey.." I called him from the outside. He stopped playing and looked at me. "Hey, you've already arrived? Why didn't you call me sooner?" He inquired. He put his Violin on the table beside him.

'Are you deaf? I've been calling you many times.'

"You looked so serious when you were playing, I don't want to disturb you. But then I realized I only have time in learning Violin until our Lunch hour break ends." I laughed as I walked closer to him until I stood in front of him.

"Is there anything you want to tell?" I softly asked him. I don't want to force him to tell me, so I looked at his eyes. His eyes do not seem to have any spark in them.

"I know you must keep something inside your heart for a long time, but sometimes we must let it out even if it hurts" I tried to comfort him while still smiling at him. He looked at my eyes.His eyes were wavering. He must have a lot in mind. Maybe I'm not the right person for this.

He looked at my face. "Hey..It's okay if you don't want to tell me. I'm nobody anyways. Sorry for being a busybody." I took a step back, trying to make space for him.

"Actually both of my parents never stayed together anymore." He suddenly started talking.

(Author-sama: I know that in the drama, the second lead male doesn't have any parents, since his parents already died. But i change it.)

"My Father's actually never loved my mother's. Their marriage is only for diplomatic purposes with two business partner's between both of my grandparents'. I never knew about their struggle being together until I was in my senior high school.

I heard my parents arguing at that time. My father already found his ideal's woman. He wanted a divorce, but my mother held him up. She argued that they already had me as their son. They must take care of me as my parents. Do you know what my father's reply?" He sadly laughed.

"He never thought of me as his own son. What he did between my mother is only for a real diplomatic relationship. He never loved her.

At that time, I realized why. It finally made sense why he never looked at me like the other fathers look at their sons when their children got an award. He looked at me like I'm just an invisible person. Even when I nailed all my exams, he never praised me. Not even once.

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