Chapter 41: Cato

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I wake up surprisingly early for my likes and just watch as Clove sleeps, not weirdly. She looks so innocent, less broken when she sleeps. I smile down at her and watch the way she breathes slowly She starts to shakes, at first it seems like just shivers so I pull her close to warm her up. The shivers become more violent, like thrashing and she starts to mutter stuff too.

"Why am I back here? How did I get here? Don't touch me!" she yells in her sleep as I pull her close. She trashes for around 5 minutes and ends up punching me a few times. I smile down at her once she stops, taking her time to wake up. 

"Clove you okay?" I ask concerned. Her eyes flutter open and she looks perfectly confused. She shrugs. "You were thrashing in your sleep. You were yelling and punching me" I say smiling weakly. I hope she's okay, she's obviously confused and stressed.

"I was dreaming about the Capitol and my Patrons. I actually thought it was real" she says bitterly. I smile down at her and hug her tightly.

"I promise you will never go back there. Without me by your side" I whisper into her hair. She shivers and I laugh. I sit up with her leaning on me and try to slip away without disturbing her.

"I have to go to you know, pee" I say kissing her forehead and walk quickly to relieve myself. She laughs at me and I wash my hands quickly. I hop back into bed with Clove and hug her protectively. She sighs into my chest and I smile at myself.

"Should we go eat?" Clove asks muffled and quietly. I nod to her and she shifts to get up. I watch her half falling back asleep as she gets dressed and she braids her hair. It's such an ornate braid, so perfect and beautiful. I smile at her and realize I don't have any clothes on, well just shorts. I smile at myself stupidly and grab a shirt and slip it on. I look at Clove as she watches me intently and I smile awkwardly.

"Did you like what you saw? Do I have something on my face?" I ask awkwardly "Well? Tell me." I say in mock urgency. She laughs sweetly and shrugs as she walks increasingly close.

'"I just" she whispers seductively "I love you and you're adorable". I look at her in mock anger and laugh it off. I drag her to the Dining Hall as she laughs uncontrollably. I sit her next to me across from Katniss and Peeta. The only other option of people we know would be with Johanna, even worse.

"Hey guys" Clove says slowly calming down her laughter. They smile at us and I start to feel protective of her with Peeta. He smiles at me awkwardly and Clove laughs at us.

"What? You know I am not threat to you and Clove, right?" Peeta says jokingly. I roll my eyes and the cooks bring us some more slop. Clove thanks her sweetly and I smile. I eat the pale yogurt like stuff slowly and it tastes like bland fruit and milk. I finally finish and keep it from coming back up.

"I want to go hit something" I say smirking at Peeta "We should get to the training room before I hit Peeta" I say jokingly. I lead Clove to the Training Room and we go to my favorite first. I slash, cut and lunge at a target until it looks like it was attacked by a mutant cat.

"Wow, beautiful" she says jokingly as she holds me close. I smile down at her and we shuffle to the knives. She picks up 5 knives and smirks at me, confidence clear on her face "Watch and learn" she says, annoyingly perfect. I smile and she throws them, all puncturing perfectly in the center of each dummy. I kiss her quickly and she giggles quietly. I pick her up, gently of course, and walk to our room. I watch as some people laugh and smile at us and glare at some of the others.

"I want to do something but it's so boring here! I don't want to go outside because there are no fun things to do!" Clove says unhappily as we get inside our room. I roll my eyes and she laughs.

"How's about we sleep all day and all night and tomorrow we get shipped to the Capitol?" I say patting Dagger calmly. She nods and starts to take of her shirt but keeps on her shorts. I smile at her and strip myself of my shirt too.

"You're so beautiful" I say swaying her from behind. She blushes and looks away. "I'm telling you you're beautiful, take it" I say, in a joking way. She laughs and turns herself around so she's facing me. She places her hand on my chest and kisses me softly but for a while. I hold her close to me and sigh. We flop onto the bed, her ontop of me and start to sleep. These are the times I missed when we were trapped in the Capitol. This feeling that we're alone and her in my arms. I smile to myself and we fall asleep in each other's arms.

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