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I wake up to a sore body. Then I remember that I got beat yesterday for falling asleep before finishing the dishes. Ugh I hate this pack. Once I find my mate I will be so happy because mates are supposed to love you no matter what.

I turn to look at the clock. FUCK it's almost five I need to get up and fix breakfast for this pack. So I ignored the little pain and took my cold shower. I wasn't allowed hot showers because I wasn't worthy enough. Anyway once done I change into one of five outfits.

Walk down stairs to the kitchen. I see that Mary is already up. She is the only one that treats me good.

"Hi Mary, why are you down here so early?"

"Oh sweetheart you know I had to check up on you after last night. How are you?"

"I'm ok. They can't really hurt me that much anymore you know. I just feel sore like I worked out."

"Well I know you could beat them I have seen you train yourself in the woods?"

"How do you....."

"Don't worry child your secrets are safe with me." She kisses the top of my head after I bend down a bit for her.

"Now get to cooking, I can't see you get beat again and I will see you at my house tonight."

With that she is gone. Why am I treated so badly well it all happened ten years ago.

Ten years ago

"Ma I'm ready" Sam said

"Ok, ok we just have to wait for your dad. He will be back in a bit. He is dropping Kevin off at his friend's house."

"Oh ok ma, well can you tell me where we are going?"

"No, sweetie that is a surprise. Its a early birthday gift."

"But why not just give it to me tomorrow so I can have more gifts mom." Ten year old Sam said.

"You will have to wait and see little one."

"Im home."

"Daddy your back." Sam said running to her father and jumping on him.

"Hey there my little bean you all set to go?"

"Yes but mommy won't tell me where we are going." Sam said with a pout.

"Well its a surprise little bean. Baby you all set?"

"Yep I have everything we need lets go."

The ride there was long and I don't know the place we are going beacuse I don't know the smells. After awhile we pull up to a small cabin. It smelled really sweet. I jump out the car and run to the house but before I could knock daddy picks me up.

"Now now little bean you don't run off without us bad things can happen."

"Im sorry daddy it just it smells so sweet."

Right then the door opens and a beautiful woman opens the door.

"Ah you must be the couple here for the protection spell?"

"Yes but its for our daughter not us."

"Why of course. She is a handsome one isn't she. So much pull even at a young age. And she seems to be fixed on my face."

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