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Sam pov

It has been about two days that I have left the pack. I made sure to stay in human towns just incase I was on someone's land. I was headed to Colorado. There was only one pack there and their land did not go into the mountains. Mainly because of the wild wolfs. See they don't seem to like our kind very much but I found that they somewhat tolerate me. I was out one day after a beating and a wild wolf with a cub approached me and licked my wounds. I always loved nature and the animals. So I was going to take my chances with the wild wolfs rather then go to another pack.

I had finally made it I went to a store to get a little supplies I needed with the money Mary gave me. Then went to the mountains and found a decent cave that seemed to be deserted. I made sure to go all the way back and what I found was amazing. I noticed the that everything seem to be purple as I was walking in but I kept moving.

 I noticed the that everything seem to be purple as I was walking in but I kept moving

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Then I came to a point in the cave where it was no longer cold. And then I saw a type of building per say. Then I noticed a waterfall. I went to test the water and it turned out to be string water.

"Sam you need to rest you have been carring both of us. I like this place and have a good feeling about it. Get some rest while I take over."

"Ok Keto. Please be safe and don't do anything dumb." I said chucking.

"Sweet dreams little one."

And with that I shifted in to Keto's form. And off to sleepy land.

"I need you to wake up little one

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"I need you to wake up little one."

"Keto whats is it I'm still tired." I said without opening my eyes

"Little one I'm too weak and there are a pack of wolfs here. The rejection is still hurting."

With that I woke up and took over for Keto. I knew that I would have to fight myself if it came down to that.

I looked and saw that it was indeed a pack of wild wolfs. This might turn out ok if I play my cards right. Just then a silver looking wolf stepped forward and all the other wolfs were on guard. I made sure not to make any hastily moves or sounds. From the look of it this was not the Alpha but the Luna. I looked at the other wolfs to find the Alpha but kept in mind of the Luna slowly approaching me. Once I laid eyes on him I saw why they were in here. He was beat up bad so, he either lost their land to another pack or was attached by a rouge.

Once the Luna was in striking distance of me my eyes snapped back ot her. She stopped in her tracks and the pack growled and she just let out a yelp type of bark and they stopped. I tiled my wolf head confused. She stepped closer and the necklace that was hidden in my fur started to glow. She then put her head under mind and I was struck with a sharp pain in my head.

"Hello hybrid. "

"Who the hell is that."

"I don't know little one but I'm too weak to stay woke please stay safe and thank you for talking some pain."

"I am the wolf in front of you."

"How are we talking right now?"

"The necklace is losing its magic."

"How do you know that?"

"Well hybrid I was raised with witches before I was freed and found this pack and my mate. The necklace was and is a protection type of thing. But only last a set amount or years. Whomever gave it to you is powerful."

"First off my name is Sam not hybrid and I I'm not sure who gave it to me all I know is that she was very beautiful. Oh and tell your bodyguards behind me that if they leap I will tear them to sheds even if it is the last thing I do."

She then looks back at the injured Alpha and sends a low growl to which he whimpered. I found that amusing. She then looked at me again.

"So want to tell me why you all are here. I didn't smell anything on the way in so I know it was abandoned."

"We were attacked by another pack. They are all males and were trying to take us female when my mate and two other males jumped in and we ran here."

"My mate and the other two were lucky to escape them but we fear they are still looking.."

All of our ears snap to the entrance were we can hear them coming but how did they know. I look around and see that one of the injured males was dripping blood.

"Look Hy...Sam I know we don't really get along but something about you is different. Please help us?"

"How can I help I'm just one wolf?"

"I believe that if you temporary take off the necklace it will give you strength."

I think about what she is saying at the same time the wolves are getting closer. The other pack is already behind me with the males in front. So the only wolf in front if the Luna and the Alpha behind her. If I don't then they could become slaves and I would be killed. Well if I'm going to die it will be of me fighting. I turn back to me human body and gently take the neck off and set it next to my bag were there are pups hiding. Some of the wolves look at me to make sure I don't do anything but they stay back and in a instant I'm shifting in my wolf except this time it hurts more. Once it is done I open my eyes and feel taller and stronger. I look at the Luna and she is looking at me in fear as well as the Alpha. I nod to tell them to get behind me.

I walk to the entrance and leave to wait on the wolves. About two minutes I see them. There are five in total but they all seem smaller then me. Once they see me they growl and pound the cave floor. The two from the outside attack at the same time. One bit my leg but I tuned out the pain and grabbed to other by the neck and snapped it. It fell limp in my mouth and I dropped it. How and the hell did I do that?

The one on my leg is thrown off with a hind leg kick to the stomach. Ends up hitting his head and was out. Then the other three attack at once again. Two going at my side and the leader going at my neck. He got some good bits in but that was it. When he turned to reset his attack I caught him in the side and pulled out a chunk. I then rolled unable to take the bites on the sides anymore. I rolled to the left and heard a snap. One of the two wolves didn't get up. I had no time to react because the other wolf was coming at me. I stood on my hind legs and landed on his neck making it snap. I looked around in pain and losing energy then I saw one was missing and blood led to inside the cave. So I ran he was about to jump for the Alpha's neck when I caught up and snapped down on the back of his neck.

I ended up falling and just laid there. I saw that the Luna had my necklace in her mouth but I couldn't shift back because of the pain but when she bought it up to me is expanded to fit me.

"Check to see if the others are dead in front."

"I will, rest now little hybrid."

And with that I was in darkness. I'm just happy I was able to block all the pain from Keto.

Hey Guys and Gals,
I know its been a min and I apologize for that. As said before I am going through a point in my life where things are just difficult at the moment I hope. I do have plans for this book it's just I be second guessing things. I can tell you I have rewritten this chapter three times. I still don't think it is good enough but yall deserve this. Thank yall for reading.


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