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After I was done cleaning up dinner I decided to just go to my "room". I didn't feel like being around anyone. I know I will have to explain everything to Mary but I knew she would understand. I went up to the attic and changed out of my clothes. I made sure the door was locked and just layed there looking out the window.

Maybe I should just run away. No one will care

"You know that's not true. Mary would care." Keto said

"Yea but I would say bye to her and leave this no good pack."

"Can we just wait to see if our mate is in this pack if not then I promise we can leave."

"Fine, anything for you Keto."

" thanks, I know its hard but your stronger then you know."

With that I started to think how difficult my life would be if I still had my parents. I looked up at the clock it was 12. Happy birthday to me. With that I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up early due to Keto. She was extremely excited. I knew then that our mate was from this pack. Hopefully we get a second chance mate.

"Don't say things like that. Our mate will love us no matter what. They will change for us." Keto said

"Well I'm happy you think that Keto. I wish for nothing but the best."

I cut the link and went to make breakfast. After about an hour or two I was done. Then I smelt a strawberry and banana scent. I hate bananas. I had a feeling that this wasn't going to go very well. I tried to rush out the dining room. Before anyone noticed.

I was gripped on the arm by Brooklyn Stronghold. The betas daughter and the next beta in line. At first I saw love and admiration then it quickly turned into disappointment and disgust.

"Why did the moon goddess give me such a weak mate."

I knew this was going to happen I could feel Keto whimpering and hurting.

"What do you mean? Your supposed to love me no matter what." I said a little upset

"Me love you?" The she just laughed

"Anyways let's get this over with I Brooklyn Lia Stronghold next beta of Yellow Grove hearby reject you as my mate and beta counter part Sam Evergreen." She said with a smirk

"Do you want me to finish it Keto?"

She didn't talk just nodded her head. She knew if we didn't we would be in a lot of pain every time she even touched anyone else.

I looked at her in her eyes.

"I Sam Evergreen accept your rejection as your mate and counter part. I hearby break any feeling that the mate bond bring. I Sam Evergreen am no longer your mate or ever will be."

With that she fell to her knees. Everyone knew her heart was breaking in two but she was the one who rejected me first. Meaning she won't get a second chance mate. She will never get a blessing from the moon goddess to have children.

I walked away to the attic to pack what I had. I had my five pairs of clothes and two pairs of shoes. I took the picture and went out the window. I knew Mary would be home waiting and she indeed was.

"I know sweetie you must go. Before you go your parents told me to give this to you on your 17th birthday. Please stay safe, I packed you some food. And there is a bus ticket in there. I love you."

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