Chapter 2

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I wait for the dog to respond, before realizing that it can't. "Sorry doggy, I forgot that dogs bark, not talk. But you can still be my friend if you would like! However, I am sort of, kind of, a little bit... lost. Maybe if I ever get home, I can show it to you!" 

The dog looks at me with a lingering look before walking straight past me. Deciding to follow my newfound friend, I walk behind her closely. The dog slows down so I walk next to her, nudging my hand with her snout. This action causes my hand to sit on top of the dog's head, making me smile.

"If you wanted to be petted you could have just told me!" I say before my brain reminds me that she can't talk. "Sorry I forgot you can't talk, but you could bark at me! I've never heard a dog bark before so that would be fun!" 

Smiling at my solution, I look over to the dog who looks at me with almost human-like eyes. The eyes are questioning, but I don't understand why. 

"I don't know what to call you... you need a name..." I keep petting the dogs head, before my brain focuses on the sparks I feel. "I think I know of the perfect name. How about Sparky?"

The dog looks to me like I'm crazy, but soon huffs, which I take as a yes. Grinning wildly, I look at Sparky as she sniffs the ground and keeps walking, as if she knows where she is going. I don't think much of it and keep following her. Maybe she'll lead me to her home, and I could meet more friends!

This thought leaves my mind as I see my house in the distance. Jumping up and down excitedly, I run to my house as Sparky chases me. I look back at her with a wide smile on my face before tripping on a tree root and falling, hitting the ground with a thud. 

I put my hands over my face as I giggle quietly. Sparky looks me over quickly, worry in her eyes before she realizes I'm laughing. She huffs again but smiles in her doggy way, her tongue lolling out of her mouth. She lays on me and starts rubbing herself all over me and my clothes. I don't understand why but I enjoy it nonetheless, the sparks radiating throughout my entire body. 

Once she seems like she is done, I sit up looking her straight in the eyes. I move quickly, wrapping my arms around her neck, sniffling. "Thank you so much for helping me home and for being my friend. You are my first friend."

I feel Sparky nuzzle into my neck, her wet nose tickling me, causing me to let out a soft, emotion filled giggle. I pull away and pat her head, saying, "Good doggy." 

She rolls her eyes before licking the tears off my face, me getting a full whiff of doggy breath.  I laugh lightly before standing up, knowing my parents will realize I'm gone soon. Sparky stands up as well, nudging my hand one last time. 

"Bye Sparky, I hope to see you again." With that, I turn and walk away, feeling Sparky's gray eyes on me the whole way to my back door.

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