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It was sunny outside, and Namjoon put on his favourite cap. He didn't even bother to bring an umbrella along so he left the house just like that.

He walked down the street, heading to a convenient store not far from his place.

Upon reaching the entrance he wiped the sweats off of his forehead, and pushed the door open.

Since the 'used to be small' convenient store upgraded into a bigger store couple weeks ago, more stuffs added into his 'to buy list'.

He snatched the basket and roamed around the mart, add every snacks and food he could ever find into the basket.

After he paid for the groceries, he went back home. But he stopped in the halfway just to take out the lollipop he bought from the grocery bag.

He successfully unwrapped the lollipop and was about to throw it into the nearest trash can when he noticed a couple not far from where he was.

The guy, who happens to be the boyfriend, suddenly kneel down before the girlfriend and pull out a ring like a gentleman.

People who were walking by the couple smiled and some even congratulated them, but Namjoon just scoffed at the scene he witnessed.

He shook his head, threw the lollipop wrapper and then proceeded his journey to go back home.

"Good afternoon, Namjoon." Greeted his neighbor as soon as he arrived to his front house.

"Mhm... yup. Afternoon." Namjoon greeted him back, not really into having a conversation with him.

"Went shopping I see." Said the neighbor, trying to engage Namjoon with the unwanted conversation.

"Nothing much. Just some of the necessities." Replied Namjoon, and went inside right after he unlocked the door.

He closed the door shut just as much as he wanted his neighbor's mouth to be shut. He actually didn't hate his neighbor.

He just disliked him for being too loud. And sometimes busybody.

He went to the kitchen where he put away all of the groceries he bought.

He lived in his house all by himself, and he pretty much like it. But most of the time, he felt a little lonely.

He often invited his friend to his house during his free time, but after his friend applied for a job that he always dreamed of, they rarely seen each other ever since.

He used to think of finding someone to be his housemate so they can split the rent, but... the problem is, who?

His circle of friends were quite small, and they have their own life to take care of.

He worked as an office worker in a small company, and his monthly income was enough for him to pay the rent and buy food to survive.

The house he rented was quite small but enough for his shelter. As long as there's a roof and a place for him to stay, then he's alright.

At least that's what he said to himself.

But surely, he would love to have someone with him and keep him company. Coping with loneliness for too long can be quite depressing sometimes.

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