Chapter 4 - Mine

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I can't say that I honestly slept. I rolled around, I tossed, turned, and questioned everything. But sleeping? Nope, I don't really think that was on the table last night.

Tori and I got up the next day and she insisted that we talk about my 'situation', as she was now referring to it. Almost like it's a teen pregnancy and we just don't want to say the words.

Frankly, I didn't really want to talk. I mean, I had been thinking about it all night. Trying to decide if I was really hurt over it or if it was a blessing in disguise. Then thinking about how messed up the whole thing was and how this should not be the way I find my mate.

"I think you need to just go up to him, and her, and stake your claim." She says to me. "I mean, he's your mate, once he really sits and things about it, he's going to run to you. And Faith has no chance, right?" I can see in her eyes that even she's not entirely confident about this plan.

I'm not entirely sure about it either. My head says let the dufus go. Don't let this weigh you down, follow your heart to something better. My wolf and soul though... They keep telling me to challenge the pretender and take back what's mine.

For some stupid reason I agree with Tori's trumped-up plan. We get dressed, eat, and talk about how to handle this. After we got ready for the day, we began to prepare ourselves for this showdown. I felt like I was preparing for war honestly. It felt kind of like a scene in those sports movies where the main character is getting psyched up, throwing punches in the air really fast, and bouncing around. I was not doing that, to be clear. But inside my head, I totally was.

Who the hell has to tell off their mate's girlfriend and then stake her claim on her mate? My unlucky ass, that's who. I had also sat and thought about that too.

I was supposed to be this gifted, lucky being. Yes, I was exceptionally smart. Yes, I was certainly more skilled than most females my age. But no, I sure the hell didn't have any luck. I'm waiting for a black cat to cross my path. Maybe one did?

"What do I even say to him? You're mine. Then tell her to shoo". I honestly didn't know what to say or do.

My instincts told me that I should kick in doors, grab her by the neck, throw her aside, and mark my mate. That wasn't going to happen. I might be able to do most of that, but I still wasn't exactly sold on this whole thing. I think part of me, no, I know part of me wanted to see how Daniel would react to me now. What he would say when I stood up and came to claim him.

"I wouldn't use the word shoo. Fuck off maybe. But not shoo. You sound just a wee bit too odd saying shoo. Also, we need to figure out where exactly he is." I can literally hear her trying to keep her snicker inside. I don't like to be mean. I can think mean thinks but acting mean is a whole different situation.

"He's likely at Jacob's house. He doesn't stay at the pack house much anymore." It's sad how much I know his habits even though we're clearly not friends. Like for instance, I know that he stays at Jacob's house specifically because Alpha Mark is quite devout and believes we should only ever be with our mates. Meaning his son couldn't easily bring his parade of women around without getting an earful.

I also know that he hates listening to his dad's lessons. He's not an idiot. Far from it to be truthful. I've seen him put his mind to things and prove that he won't be an awful Alpha. But Alpha Mark is bound and determined to impart every possible piece of knowledge unto his son. Even if it isn't wanted or needed. I even get tired of listening to his lessons when he's trying to teach or preach to Daniel about things.

I tried, only once, to tell him that he was taking the wrong approach. I got a lesson about how to effectively communicate with leaders, a bit of a scolding for sticking my nose in their business, and then Daniel freaked out on me. Alpha Mark had said something to him about it, trying to build me up as a caring person. Daniel just saw it as more brown nosing and was an ass.

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