Chapter 1 - Keeping You Safe

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My memories up to this point are filled with filled with love.  The love of my brother, my parents, even my pack.  Although I'm young, I know what it feels like to be loved.  But I also know what fear is.  I have so many good memories, but I also have bad ones.  My entire life, at least what I can remember, everyone in my pack has fought, because of me.  Tonight is just another fight, another example.

More blood.  More dead warriors.  It's always the same.  My brother told me that before I was born, he had never seen war, battles, needless death.  He was young when he started training with my father.  Most of the boys his age now in some type of training, even if they didn't fight.  They didn't used to.  Train so young I mean.  But everything changed, all because of me. 

Our pack was no longer surrounded by peace.  Just after I was born, the rogues came.  And came, and came.  I've never known a time without fighting.  I know I'm loved, but I know I'm also the one that all these wolves are fighting over.

Who would think that such a tiny little blonde girl would be worth so much.  I didn't exactly understand.  I mean, I know I'm awesome, but I didn't really get why.  They keep me away from all the dangerous things too.  I sneak around, because I'm nothing if not curious.  My hazel eyes are always open, watching, wanting to learn.

"How many died today?"  I hear my brother, Aaron, ask my father. His tone stoic, as if he was a seasoned warrior and not a 12 year old boy.  At his age, he should have just started training, so that he could eventually take over for my father.  But he started long before now.  He has seen more than he should at his age.  I know, because I watch him, I watch the other kids.  Even those that are his age and train with him, do not train as hard or as long.

"Only 3, but several more were heavily wounded."   My father answers, just as stoic.

My father, Adam Havenson, Alpha of the Moonlight pack, is a strong man and a good Alpha.  He is respected by his pack, and by his fellow Alphas.  I may be  little swayed in my thinking, but oh well.  He is always serious around others.  Leading by example, being strong.  At home though, he's my teddy bear.  A big teddy bear, but mine.

My brother is good to me, even with his hard training.  He never lies to me, but he isn't mean about anything either.   He told me that the attacks that we see are because bad people want me.  Because I'm special.  He tried to explain, but I still really didn't get it.  He doesn't get mad at me when I don't keep up with what he's saying, but he still tries to teach me.  Even when our parents tell him that it's enough.  He always tells me that they will keep me safe.  No matter what.

"We have to think of something Alpha."  My father's Beta, David, says as he walks up to him.  "Many of the warriors are concerned about their families."  David is such a nice man.  He's always smiling at me and bringing me things.  Last time he came to see my father, he bought me a book.  I know how to read better than most my age and I love all the stories they bring.

"I understand.  I've talked to a few of our allies and they have concerns about getting mixed up in this too."  I've heard Dad say that before.  I heard him say to my mother before, that he didn't want to involve others in this, but that he had to.

"In the mean time, I'll talk to Alfred and we'll work on some more defensive measures."  Beta David says back.   Alfred is my father's Gamma.  He's funny and plays with me all the time but Aaron says that he's really tough.  I know he's strong, I've watched him work with pack members during training.  I am not supposed to be near our training grounds, but again, I'm curious.  Even with how strong he is though, he's always willing to come and play with me.  He's fun at tea parties.

"Thank you David.   I'll let you know as soon as I have a plan."   David then walks away and only my father and brother are left.   They still haven't realized I am hiding and snooping in on their conversation.  I do it a lot, snooping.  Even though my brother tells me things, tries to explain to me, he doesn't tell me everything.  I know he doesn't.  So I snoop around.  I still don't always understand what I hear, but I like knowing.  It's my fun game.

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