Chapter Four

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"Casey when Shawn was in the car I saw him put his foot on yours! He got really red too like he was nervous! Casey I hate to say it but I think Shawn really might like you!!!"

"Yes Liv I know Shawn put his foot on mine and he got really red I saw him do it and I felt it. But I'm sure that he has a girlfriend because you know he is Shawn Mendes. Why would he even like me? I mean I'm just this girl from Los Angles not some super star famous person."

"When he said that the meet adn greets are 'fun' he looked right at you like he wanted you if you know what I mean..."

"Yes I know what you mean I wasn't born yesterday. We will have to wait until the meet and greet to see what's going to happen."

"Girls come on we have to get in the line so we can wait to go and get our seats."

Liv, mom, and I all walked to the line as we wait to be released from the line until we can go to our seats. As we wait I still think about what Liv said when Shawn was getting his things get out of the his tour bus and grab a few important people from the show. The way Liv described him looking at me keeps making me think so much more than I actually need to. If he does actually like me I would assume he would tell me right...

"Hello ma'am are you Casey James?" someone said in a very deep voice.

I turn around and see this tall and very muscular man with dark sunglasses, a black shirt, and black pants.

"Um yes I'm Casey James is everything okay sir?"

"Yes I need you to come with me for a moment it's nothing bad just someone has a quick question to ask you."

I nervously looked at Liv and my mother, they both looked confused and so was I.

"It's okay Casey just go we will still be in this spot. Just come and find us when your done."

I walk away with the tall muscular security guard looking man. All these thoughts started racing in my mind like, What is going on? Did I do or say something wrong? Does Shawn want to talk to me? If so, why would he want to talk to me?

The large man leads me to a doorway. I stand back a little because I'm scared about who or what is going to be behind that door. He opens the door and as soon as he did my heart was racing. I just couldn't move. It was like someone super glued my feet to the floor and my whole body just became super stiff.

This was chapter four! I wonder who or what is behind the door?? I hope you guys liked it I'm still trying to write it and make it good. If you want to tweet me @kassidygilinsky and tell me what you think of the story and what you thinks should happen I will follow you and maybe put your ideas into the story! Anyway, don't forget to comment, vote and share the story! Love you babes!

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