Chapter One

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" Today's the concert Liv wake up! We have three hours until we need to be at the venue!"

"Okay Casey just chill out! I know we're both excited but we just need to try and not freak out so much, save that for later!"

Today's is the day of the Shawn Mendes concert in Los Angles. It's going to be the best day for the concert, it's supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny. Best of all, we have meet and greet passes thanks to the best Uncle Steve in the world!

"Girls come downstairs we have to leave soon!" Mom says.

"Hold on mom! Do you think picking out the perfect outfit is easy? No it's not!"

"Okay Liv so does this look okay?" I say holding up a black and white aztec tanktop with some black highwaisted shorts and white converse.

"Yes Casey that looks great! How does this look?" I hold up a maroon t-shirt with a pair of white shorts and brand new black vans.

"Oh my God Liv that looks amazing! Now lets get dressed really fast so we can get downstairs and eat some breakfast and get to the concert!"

Thank you for reading chapter one! Sorry it was kinda short it was just a get to know a little bit, but bigger chapters in the future! If you wanna follow my twitter its @kassidygilinsky tweet me what you think of it so far and what you think should happen because I'm not really sure yet. Make sure you comment, share and vote! Love you babes!

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