Chapter Three

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"Oh my God hi Shawn my name is Casey and this is my friend Liv and my mom. What happened?"

"Well hi Casey, Liv, and mom. See what happened was that the bus broke down or got a flat tire, I don't really know. All I know is that the bus is broken and we won't be able to make it to the venue in time and then the show will be canceled. I don't want to let anybody down..."

"Well we could take you and a few of the critical people important to the show there if that's okay with you."

"Thank you Casey that is so nice of you! Let me go grab a few people and some of the equipment."

"Uh Casey did you even notice how Shawn looked at you when you stepped out of the car and when you were talking to him?"

"No... Was he looking at me in a bad way? What are you talking about?"

"Well, to start off when you got out of the car he kept staring at you like you were the best muffin he's ever seen. Also when you offered to give him a ride to the venue his eyes got really big like excited and happy."

"Oh just whatever. Wait Shawn's coming tell me if he does anything again."

Once everyone piles into the car it is kind of an awkward silence for a while until Shawn breaks it and says, "Thank you so much for the ride again Casey's mom."

"Oh it's no problem Shawn don't worry. I would hate for you to let your fans down you know."

"Yeah. So do you guys have meet and greet passes?"

"Yeah all three of us do! We are also going to be in the middle of the front row so we can see the stage perfectly!"

"Awesome that's so cool the meet and greets are really fun!" Shawn stairs looking at me really sly like.

I thought to myself maybe Liv was right, maybe Shawn does like me... In the middle if mt thoughts I was interrupted by Shawn putting his foot on my foot. I could see out of the corner of my eye that his face was getting red like he was embarrassed.

"Well girls and Shawn were at the arena."

"Thank you again Casey's mom. I'll see you girls later at the meet and greet and in the front row."

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