Chapter Two

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"Casey come on get out of the bathroom I need to change too! We have to leave in 30 minutes and we still have to eat breakfast!"

"Okay Liv calm down I'm almost done!" I walk out then Liv walks in the bathroom to change and get ready. My phone lights up and makes a noise, it's a text from Brady, a good guy friend.

Brady: "Hey Casey have fun at the concert today, I'll hangout with you later sometime!"

Casey: "Thanks! I'll have fun and we should totally hangout later! It's almost time to leave so I'll talk to you later."

"Come on Liv we need to go..."

"Casey were you just texting Brady??"

"Yes Liv I was and to answer your question no he did not ask me out now come on we need to go downstairs and eat breakfast and get in the car and leave."

We walk downstairs and find some bagels and eat them real fast so we can get to the concert quicker.

"Okay girls are you almost ready to leave so we can get to the concert in time?"

"Yeah mom lets go!" We get into my mom's brand new car, a white Range Rover.

"SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING!" Liv and I try and sing as Something Big blasts in the car.

"Wait girls do you know who that is on the side of the road, he looks familiar..."

"OH MY GOD LIV THATS SHAWN!!! Wait his bus is there too... Mom we have to stop now and help him!"

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