Part II

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Reader's P.O.V.

It was strange, today Ichigo actually talked to me. He invited me to eat lunch with him and his friends. No one in the entire school apart from the teachers ever talked to me. All of Ichigo's friends stated at me strangely. Questioning how long I have attended this school. None of then really believed me when I said I have been in school this entire time.

It reached the end of the day. I stretched before walking downstairs to leave the school building. I spotted Ichigo and walked up to him.

"Ya know, now that you know I exist doesn't mean you have to talk to me at school." I said as he changed out his shoes.

"I know that, I'm not an idiot. I just thought it might be nice. It can get pretty lonely sometimes." Ichigo said slightly his backpack over his shoulder.

"Trust me, I know. Aside from that, you are training at Kisuke's later? I was told a little bit more about your situation." I said casually.

"Yeah, those are my summer plans." Ichigo said as we began to walk.

"Well I should go ahead before Kisuke loses his head that I haven't checked in yet. See ya later, strawberry!" I said with a smirk quickly walking off. I could hear Ichigo grumble at his nickname but walk off in the direction of his house.

As soon as I walked into Kisuke's shop I was tackled in a hug. I was used to this but always knocked the wind out of me.

"You have the maturity of a five year old. You sure you are a grown man?" I asked prying the said grown man off me.

"Your insults hurt Y/N." Kisuke whined. I snickered to myself then made my way to the kitchen.

"Ichigo should be here soon, I will makes some tea and raid the fridge." I said. As soon as the tea was done I heard the door open. I quickly brought out the tea on a tray, giving the angry orange a smile.

"Good timing, let's have some tea then head down to train." Kisuke said a permanent smile on his face. I placed the tray on the table as I sat down, handing them their cups.

"I was wondering, how did you get involved with the supernatural world?" Ichigo asked me. I froze for a fraction of a second. I side-eyed Kisuke.

"Well, one day I realized I had the ability to see what others couldn't. When I found that out, hollows started coming after me for my tasty soul. One hollow managed to corner me and Kisuke came to my aid. Seeing as how I have no parents he took me in." I lied easily through my teeth. A skill I mastered too naturally. Ichigo nodded seemingly believing the story.

We finished our tea and headed to the underground training grounds.

"Wow! Who would have thought that there was an underground training facility underneath my shop!" Kisuke exclaimed in mock surprise to make him feel better for the lack of reaction from the strawberry.

"You obviously knew this was here but I won't lie it is pretty impressive." Ichigo said looking around. I walked a few feet halfway from the others, sitting on a large rock. I knew whatever Kisuke had planned for the boy I didn't want to be up close and personal to it.

"First step to getting your spirit energy back. Fighting. If you can take down Ururu you will have passed the first stage." Kisuke said after pushing the boy out of his body.

"I'm not gonna fight a kid!" Ichigo shouted.

"If you don't she will probably end up killing you instead." I said twiddling with a piece of my hair. Ururu walked up giving Ichigo protective wear as well as putting hers on. Ichigo's match started and Ururu threw the first punch, sending Ichigo flying. After that Ichigo just kept running away which was showing his spirit energy was slowly coming back because his soul was in danger.

Ichigo grabbed his headgear and asked how to put it on. "Strap the headgear onto your forehead and repeat after me!" Kisuke shouted. "Amazing headband of justice in place! Armor of justice protect me now!" Kisuke shouted. My eyes widened and it took everything I had to now burst into a fit of laughter. After another close attack Ichigo said the phrase making us all deadpan as well as laugh.

Ichigo eventually figured out for himself that he was outrunning Ururu and turned to attack, dodging a few punches and sending one right past Ururu's face, creating a small cut. This turned the girl into an absolute beast and kicked Ichigo's ass. Ururu was going to finish him off with a kick until Kisuke and Tessai stopped the fight.

"You successfully passed the first step." Kisuke said.

"But I totally just got my ass kicked." Ichigo argued. I hopped off my rock and made my way over to them.

"Yes. That is true but you were able to out run Ururu and land a hit. If you had zero spirit energy you wouldn't be breathing." I explained. I have had years of practice and study into this stuff, I am practically an expert.

"I think this honors us to move on to the next step!" Kisuke cheered. Tessai came up with an axe and broke the chain connecting Ichigo to his body. Tessai then sat his muscular self on Ichigo.

"It feels like I am dying!" Ichigo wheezed out.

"Well that would be because you are. As soon as that chain was severed you were as good as dead. Once it reaches your chest, you will become a hollow." Kisuke said then Tessai and Ichigo dropped down a rather surprisingly deep hole.

"Return up here, as a soul reaper or die down there as you turn into a hollow." Kisuke said. I looked down at Ichigo.

"Goodluck strawberry!" My voice echoed down the shaft. After Kisuke explained the last of the rules we went back and sat on some rocks.

"Gin hasn't been back to visit in a while. Have you heard anything?" I asked Kisuke.

"You know he can't just leave when he pleases. In order to keep you hidden he has to be excruciatingly careful. With the chaos going on in the Soul Society because of the whole Rukia situation it becomes that much harder." Kisuke said. I simply nodded in reply. As far as I knew I was only human, no one special. Maybe it was just a law in the Soul Society to raise a human child? I had no clue. I always asked those questions simply to have the question dodged.

"Those dreams are becoming more vivid, like I am watching someone's life play out. It is quite amazing honestly." I said. Kisuke only hummed in response. The dreams I told him about always made the gears in his head go to work. Gin never tells the full truth, only bits and pieces and the occasional lie.

Now that I think about it, Gin is probably why I am so good at lying. Gin never exclusively trained me in the art but his slithery behavior probably rubbed off on me.

"I am going to go home, school is tiring. I will be back in the morning. Hopefully the strawberry isn't dead by then." I said leaving the training grounds.


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