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STORYBROOKE. In the main street of the small town in Maine, purple mist was vanishing through the streets. Leaving the people to slowly regain memories that they had longed forgotten.

Mary Margaret looks at David, "What's happening?" She asks.

David held onto the hand of the woman he loves, "Let's find out." He says.

Mary Margaret nods. Holding hands the two begin walking down the street, together. The pair encounter Granny and Ruby, who seemingly regained their memories and were embracing each other with glee.

"Snow?" Ruby spoke.

Mary Margaret smiles softly.

Ruby pulled away from Granny, and embraced her dear friend. While Ruby and Mary Margaret hugged it out, David hugged Granny.

As this was happening the counterparts oft he Seven approach the group. Mary Margaret let go of Ruby and hugged Granny as David hugged Ruby.

"Your Highness?" Asked Leroy.

Mary Margaret smiles at the dwarves. She pulls herself away from Granny and watches as they bow to her. She held a bigger smile as she extends her hands out for a big group hug.

Once Mary Margaret pulls back, she stands next to David.

"The curse? It's broken?" Leroy continued.

"It would appear so," David says clasping his hands with Leroy.

Ruby looks from David to Mary Margaret, "So what do we do now?" She asks.

Mary Margaret holding a confident smile says, "Now? Now I find my daughter." She says.

"So it's true," Said a voice from behind.

They all turn.

Standing behind them was Emma Swan. The stranger who had entered their community and seemingly broke the curse they kept them from knowing who they were and trapping them in this world.

Mary Margaret looks at Emma. She takes a step forward, while David is a little slower at approaching the fully grown blonde adult.

Mary Margaret touches Emma's face, a small smile with a tear sliding down her face was visible. Then Mary Margaret pulls Emma in to a hug.

"You found us," Mary Margaret says.

That is when David stepped in. The man held onto the two most important women in his lives, his wife and his daughter.

"Grandpa?" Spoke Henry.

Henry that's right. Technically he is correct, Emma is Henry's biological mother, which meant on the day they remembered who they were and reunited with their daughter, they also became grandparents.

"Yeah, kid." David messes with Henry's hair before pulling him in for a hug, "I suppose so."

Henry and David held onto each other for a moment before Henry pulling back. The young ten year old was gleaming with a huge smile on his face.

"She did it!" Henry says, "She saved you."

Mary Margaret looks at Emma with pride, "She saved all of us." She says.

Emma seemed a bit nervous about this, "I- well," She says.

Leroy looks at them with utter confusion, "Uh, then why are we still here?" He asks.

David looks back at Leroy, "That, my friend, is an excellent question." David says.

Mr. Clark sneezes, "And what was that smoke?" He asks.

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