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The appearance on The Helen Talkshow sparked new interest in The Pokeband, finally they're out of a silent time of four years. 

The new interest made them want to find out, who, Is The Pokeband? What are the traits and qualities of their members? What inspires them to make the songs that they do? And most importantly in their eyes, what is their relationship to Destiny. 

Now, it's time to see where they are. 

Slam. A drumstick gets smacked onto a drum with a harsh backlash. On his drumset, is The Pokeband's drummer, Hilbert. And he does not look happy at all. He hits the drum once again, but the backlash isn't to his satisfaction. 

Hilbert: This stinks, if i can't make a new beat, what next will there be? 

He stares in frustration on his drum stick, it's worn and a bit old. Even so, it has helped him make every beat to date, he never changed it out for a new one. The good old stick always helped him make the beat exactly the way he wanted. 

''Why do you give in now? Just when i want to make something?'' he thinks to himself. He has spent, four years of his life, doing nothing productive. So has his bandmates, not one of them has come up with an idea for something new they can make. It's like, they're drained of their genius. 

Hilbert: Well this isn't working, and if we can't make tracks either, we're basically done for it. Unless we, somehow manage to...i don't know, figure something out. 

He tilts his head to the side, placing his left hand against his forehead, thinking about what he can do. ''When i think about it, I haven't seen them in some days. The talkshow was six days ago, then we just went our own paths''

Hilbert: How do one make this go right? 

His mind begin going backwards, to stuff that happened after they were given the awards. They did sometimes fight, though not always. But the insane wish to work got the better of them. Especially Ash and Nate. Nate, though happy he didn't get split from the band, had visible difficulties with remaining calm and doing nothing productive. He regularly complained that he felt like they were doing nothing, and that would soon enough make Red blow. 

Hilbert closes his eyes, the fight between them was pretty bad. Vicious words and insults were thrown to each other, it seemed like both of them had waited for that exact fight to lash out against the other. Red was almost heartless in his words, describing Nate's dancing as the single cringest thing he has ever been close to. Nate in return made a note to Red that without the band, he would never even get close to stardom, and because of his own dancing they got to that point. 

No agreement could be reached, as both got very close to beat the other in proper fighting. And they were only stopped by Marius who had enough of their bickering. To prevent further fights, he made them all stay separate for a few days. Making them ''reflect on your choice of words to think over why you formed the band in the first place''. In total, they managed to scale down the conflicts, but it didn't really get any better as time went on. 

Nate, agile as always would practice on old and new dance moves to keep himself in good health. But his twist was that he would invite the others to dance with him as a unit. Most of the time, Red always rejected, Ethan would say yes instantly, and Hilbert himself would sometimes say yes and sometimes say no. Ash would also mix between dancing and just watching. 

It showed that even if Red managed to break out of his shell on the tour, he was quick to resume his old annoying unchanging way, straining his relationship with the band. 

Hilbert hits the drum again, but the sound dies down just as previously. Frustration begins building up in him, he has not had this problem before, why does he get it now? ''Aren't you one tricky thing?'' he thinks to himself as he hits the drum once more. 

In proper frustration, Hilbert throws his stick to the wall and puts his face in his hands. Feeling the enourmous disappointment melt into his brain. ''Perfect, just perfect. Four years after impressive performances, and then i sit with nothing to give cause i can't think of something'' he thinks to himself. His eyes look towards his pocket, empty it is. 

But previously, there used to be something there. Something he now doesn't have. A friend whom he could trust if his bandmates became too much. Now, that friend is gone. He remembers a previous interview where it was discussed. It hurt his soul as he had to sit through it and actually speak about it. 

Interviewer: So boys, the government passed a law that stated every pokemon is to be released into the wild, meaning there is no trainers left. Did that impact any of you in any way?

The boys all gulp, they really hoped they could avoid speaking about this. 

Ash: It did, yes. We all got our Pokemon as youngsters, and as the law came, we had to let them go. 

Red: It certainly did hurt to see them go...but laws are laws...I guess

The interviewer began discussing more with the two, while the three others all tried to avoid listening. It hurt so much when they had to let them go. Pikachu, Charmander, Totodile, Snivy and Oshawott all cried before being either sent into the wild, or shipped to the other regions they belonged. 

The tears ran greatly, hearts shattered and the pain crushed them as they saw them all go. No music could save them from this pain, nor could any word or promises of seeing them again. They just watched, as their long life friends, left them. 

Wrapping up the second chapter of the second volume of The Pokeband. Dang what a long title.

The past is harsh for our male protagonists here, gosh that is harsh. 

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