Chapter 5 - Just One Drink

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February 21, 2013

*Makenna's POV*

It was now the day we would leave for the tour. I was really excited to go on tour with my stepbrother, boyfriend, and two best friends. I would miss my dad, Anne Marie, Lauren, and Harry though. I could FaceTime or call them every once in a while. Update them on how I'm doing, and Anne Marie and Lauren will probably show my dad and Harry lots of stuff on the Internet, like on Twitter and Instagram, about us.

I had all my stuff packed. We were going to London first. We would meet One Direction there, and have our first show, then actually start flying to other places with 1D. We were going to have a party tomorrow night when we get off the plane to celebrate the tour beginning. The boys, 1D, 1D's band, and I were going to a club. So, it was really only for the bands, and not the management, but who cares.

It was 8 in the morning, and I was making sure I had everything. Luke, Calum, and Michael were over with Liz, making sure we all had everything packed before we left. Our flight was at 10:30, and we got to the airport by 8:30, which was really early if we were leaving at 10:30.

After we went through security and all that shit, we heard the lady announce that our flight was boarding. We walked towards the gate, and handed the lady our tickets. I got on the plane, and sat in a seat between Luke and Ashton. It was awkward when I would go to kiss Luke, Ashton was there, and Liz was right across from us.

"Mak?" Luke asked.

"Yeah Lukey?"

"You excited?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Well, I'm excited, but nervous for the shows.."

"Yeah. I bet you would be"

"This will be my first time performing in front of a giant crowd."

"Mhm.. Well, I'm tired. Wake me up when we're about to land"

"Okay babe" He kissed my forehead, and I laid back, falling asleep.


I woke up to Luke slightly shaking me.

"Babe, we're landing in 10 minutes" he whispered.

"Okay" I laid my head on his chest.

15 minutes later, we were off the plane, and we had to use a special door since we were kind of famous. We met up with One Direction, and they took us to our hotel to get unpacked. I was, of course, sharing a hotel with Luke.

The boys had a meeting later that day, so I stayed in the hotel. I got out my phone and called dad. I told him that we got here safely, and to tell Anne Marie that Ashton was safe, too. It also told him that I was sharing a hotel room with Luke, and he told me to use protection. I almost teared up, thinking about the last time Luke and I had sex.

Speaking of, I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. My period has always been irregular, so I can't tell if I'm pregnant because of that. I haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy, so I haven't bothered to take any tests. Nobody knows that Luke and I had sex, or have had sex multiple times.

I hung up the call with my dad and went to the mall to pick out the dress I was going to wear that night (yes it was that night, because the plane ride took almost a day, but more like 15 hours with the time zones). I decided on a pink ruffly dress (on side or up top if mobile). I paid for it and went back to the hotel. Luke was already back, and I put on the dress to model it for him. He wasn't going to wear anything fancy, of course. He was just going to wear a band tee and ripped skinny jeans.


Later that night, at about 7:45pm, we arrived at the club. It was just us teenagers and the bartenders. Calum, Michael, Ashton, Sandy, Dan, Josh, Jon, Harry Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall were there already. There was food and beer and a lot of other alcoholic drinks. I didn't drink any. I didn't want to. I was only sixteen. But finally, Luke convinced me to try some.

"C'mon, babe, just one.." Luke begged.

"No, Luke.. I'm not drinking"

"Babe, just one?"

"Ugh, fine.. Just one!"

And that's how it started.


She started drinking!! Do you think she'll have just one? Comment!!

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