4. Shopping & Dinners

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Ever since the confirmation of the wedding of the children, everyone especially the girls had been eager to go shopping. Hence why the bride-to-be Amal, had made plans with Laraib and Maliha to go and buy their dresses. The weddings would happen in the second week of January so they only had one month to prepare. Hooriya and Ajmal had already told Zainab that she need not worry about the dowry as Amal was their daughter as well so it wasn't something they needed. Mahrukh had also made plans with Amna to go shopping.

Mahrukh and Amna were leaving the university when Amna stopped her and hesitantly spoke
"Mahrukh listen I can not go shopping with you. My parents wanted to take me with them. So I was wondering if you would be okay with that?"
Mahrukh replied with a relaxed tone
"Its no problem. Enjoy your time with your parents", eventhough deep down she was sad. Seeing her father's car she excused herself and sat in the passenger seat next to him.
"Mahrukh were you not going shopping today?" Saad asked his daughter seeing the frown on his face.
"Baba Amna went with her parents." Hearing her reply, Saad was but shocked, just this morning Aliya had told them that Amna's parents were out of town and wanted her to get her bridal outfit with Mahrukh. Strange. He sighed knowing the world had once again taken advantage of her innocence.

"Cheer up girlie you can go with your cousins, Hooriya tayimama and Zainab phopho" he tried to lighten the atmosphere.
"First of all Saad jann please dont say girlie ever again and yess I should go with them. But first lets eat ice cream. You Hitler wife never lets me have it in the cold". Chukling at his daughter he drove away.


It was around four o'clock when Mahrukh and the others left for shopping. She had changed into a comfortable outfit. Opting for a dark teal coloured kurta (a short shirt)  and fitted trousers. Along with a beige shawl covering her shoulder to protect from the cold. For shoes she had worn her favourite woody coloured khusas (traditional Pakistani foot wear).

They had first visited the mall where Amal had wanted to visit Thread and Motifs for her mehndi outfit

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They had first visited the mall where Amal had wanted to visit Thread and Motifs for her mehndi outfit. Seeing the outrageous prices Mahrukh had refrained from looking at any of the outfits to prevent herself from falling in love with them. It was only when they had drove to G-10 Markaz did she feel at home.

The market was hustling and bustling with women of all ages. Each pushing to make their way. The vendors shouted out in loud voices to attract someone to theit stores. Meanwhile, some women fought to bargain and strike a good deal. The place smelt like cloth and the tiny overcrowded with fancy clothes was a heaven for anyone who is into fashion.

Amal and Zainab had decided to go to the side of the market where bridal wear was common while the rest of the group stayed together. Mahrukh was holding her mother's shawl so as not to lose her. Huge crowds were always her darkest fear.

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