[6] Archer's Girlfriend

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B O Y ' S

"One chocolate milkshake with a side of you," Archer orders confidently Friday evening at the diner I work at located a few miles away from school.

I give a short laugh, a short one because he's started off our conversation with a cheesy line.

"Sorry, but I'm not on the menu," I reply with a bittersweet smile.

Archer slumps back in his barstool in front of the diner's counter where we first spoke.

"I'll sweet talk you though," I say with a small smile.

He shrugs and moves his face closer to mine, not at all bothered by intimacy.

I find his ear and whisper into it some of my best sweet nothings once more, "Cannoli, Tres Leche, Scones, Macaroons-"

He moves his head to the point his lips are almost against mine, our breaths intertwining.

"We've got about a centimeter in-between us, I wouldn't be a smart ass if I was you. One slip up and our lips could touch."

I move myself a little back, backing away slowly from him. I prepare his milkshake and come out from around the counter to deliver it and seat a group of new customers at the door.

Once I'm in the close distance he wraps an arm around my waist, I jump at his touch. He catches the milkshake before it can fall out of my hands.

"Sorry, my arm moved on its own," he says as if it wasn't obvious that he was trying to get under my skin.

I smack him gently and he makes a fake pained expression.

I chuckle and subsequently seat a group of boys around my age.

The moment I greet them their eyes pop out a bit. They had to be younger than me because they're acting like I'm the first girl they've seen. The boys were girl crazy and looked with lustful eyes.

The boys follow me to the counter and I seat them a mere seat away from Archer. Archer sips his milkshake and makes a few glances at the boys.

I make my way back around the counter and give the teen boys a couple menus.

"What can I get you to drink?" I ask one of them.

He shuffles quickly to the drinks page of the menu.

"Cherry Coke," he rushes out, giving me a smirk.

His flirtation is so incredibly forced that I'm almost laughing.

Archer whistles for me, I excuse myself from the boys and slide over to him.

"Yeah?" I ask, not a fan of catcalling and similar calls for attention.

He glances at the boys before quietly saying, "Tell them off."

I raise an eyebrow.

"For what? Being hormonal teenage boys." I reply, a bit confused.

He shoos me off.

I continue getting orders from the boys, feeling a few hands meet mine as I put down glasses and such.

I see Archer get up and walk up behind the boys, placing his arms around two as if they're arm rests. He asserts his supposed superiority in the moment.

"You boys aren't trying to steal my girl right?" he asks them.

Cherry coke boy stutters out, "Your girl?"

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