[19] Babysitting

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B O Y ' S

I arrive at Archer's house at ten in the morning like he told me to, arriving at the same time as Sofia. Her mother wore a look of exhaustion as she handed her daughter over to Archer, her belly round and protruding. I greet the pregnant lady politely before she takes off for her appointments. 

Archer holds Sofia in his hands, she's messing with the glasses he has on and giggling uncontrollably. He's sporting a pair of glasses that I've yet to see and he wears them very well by the way.

He moves from the doorway and lets me in, making his way to the couch to put Sofia down. I take off the shoes I'm wearing and put my crossbody down before making my way over to the couch. Archer has turned on a kids channel for her by the time I sit down next to her, he takes a seat on the other side of her.

"She takes a nap after lunch and for lunch, I've got some gourmet macaroni and cheese planned," Archer says, his eyes looking down at the little girl.

She wears a smile on her face as she watches the program in which causes both Archer and me to smile. Sofia is adorable with her wavy brown hair and blue eyes, after all, it only makes sense because her mother is beautiful. Good looks certainly run in Archer's family, I wonder if Archer looks like his parents a lot. I've never seen his parents, not even a photo of them is displayed on the walls of his house.

Once the first program ends, Archer tells me to watch Sofia as he cooks lunch. I turn off the tv and get out a few books from her diaper bag beside me. Once she sees the books she snuggles closer to me and points at the book she wants me to read to her first. The book is a princess one with vivid colors and images.

I open up the book and read each page slow enough so she gets a chance to stare at the drawings, she looks up to me with various faces as the story goes on.

About thirty minutes pass and I've finished up reading both stories, twice. Archer calls us over for lunch right when we finish up. Sofia wiggles off the couch and runs to the dining table, Archer having to help her up onto a chair. I walk over and take a seat next to her, our lunch already sitting in front of us. Utensils and everything.

"Mac and Cheese!" she yells in her high pitched voice, taking her plastic spoon and digging in.

I laugh at her behavior, the little girl surely loved herself some macaroni. Archer sits himself down after making sure she is properly situated, placing three juice pouches on the table once he's positioned accordingly.

"I hope you like watered down fruit punch," he tells me, placing Sofia's straw into a juice pack for her.

I eat in silence, the macaroni reminding me a bit of when I was little and when my dad would try cooking for my mother and I. Archer's macaroni certainly tasted ten times better than my father's burnt to the crisp version.

Our meal overall is pretty silent, Sofia preoccupied with her beloved mac and cheese. Myself being too hungry to talk; I may have skipped breakfast.

Once Sofia finishes up her bowl of pasta and juice she begins to rub her eyes, indicating that she's becoming tired. Little kids need naps, after all, they are still growing and only have so much energy.

I pick up the finished dishes and place them in the sink, beginning to wash them. Archer picks up Sofia and wipes her hands and face off, preparing her for her nap.

"I'm going to put her down for a nap," he tells me, walking away to a bedroom seconds later.

I nod, finishing up with the dishes and placing them onto a drying rack.

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