[14] The Diner Revenge Scheme

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B O Y ' S

"Good morning, Grey," a deep voice murmurs.

My eyes slowly open to see the brightness that comes from the sun through the blinds. I've never been a morning person, the mere thought of waking up before dawn extremely startling to me. The fact that someone's breaking my slumber makes me especially uneasy, the sound of Archer's voice excruciating.

I turn myself over and see Archer standing less than two feet away from my bed, he's glancing at the clock to see the time.

"Aren't you supposed to be hungover?" I ask him, my voice a tad bit raspy from being parched.

"Nothing a few pills couldn't handle," he replies with a shrug.

I sit myself up in bed, wrapping my blanket around myself. Archer's stare made me extremely conscious of myself and how I looked.

"How did you get in?" I ask.

Arden appears at the doorway a second later with a devious grin.

"That would be me," she says, showing me the spare key my dad and I hide in the flower box outside of our house.

I let out a deep sigh, of course it would be Arden who let Archer in. Archer and I are 'dating' and she probably wants to see us together, Arden a true romantic.

I groan, yawn, and get myself up from the bed completely. I push Archer out of my room so I that I can get dressed, Archer's presence my biggest concern at the moment. Arden too makes her escape and leaves me to myself. I decide to throw on the ultimate lazy day outfit that is still presentable. A plain shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans goes a long way.

As I walk out of my bedroom door I smell the aroma of food, the smell taunting my empty stomach. I walk into the kitchen to see Archer cooking, he's standing with a pan full of scrambled eggs. After a few seconds he slides the eggs onto two plates next to some crispy bacon.

I sit down at the kitchen island, finding a note placed on the tabletop.

Have a nice breakfast with your boy, I'll see you guys in an hour after I go pick up a film for us to watch. Archer's free all day and said he would love to spend the day with his girlfriend; he sounds like a keeper. Maybe I was wrong about him being such a bad guy.

Arden likes Archer, he certainly won her over with his charisma. Unfortunately, Archer's not a keeper. Hopefully Arden won't be too upset when I tell her that our whole 'relationship' is built on lies.

Archer walks over to the island and places the warm plates down, a few seconds later and two mugs filled with steaming black coffee are right next to the plats. He grabs a set of utensils from a drawer before taking a seat next to me.

"Bon appétit," he says.

I take a fork from him before asking, "You speak French?"

He laughs with a small accidental snort.

"Not at all, it's just something I hear on the cooking shows my mom watches," he explains, a small smile on his face.

"You're a mama's boy aren't you?" I ask teasingly.

He nods a bit, "Yeah, yeah."

We eat our breakfast in silence, it's a simple meal but much appreciated. He could cook, that's good because I surely couldn't cook all the time. But, if he thinks the way to a woman's heart is through food. I've got another thing coming for him.

"I'll wash dishes," he announces, taking my empty plate and walking over to the sink.

I don't stop him and just stay seated, I look at him as he washes the dishes.

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