Secrets Worth Anger

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I present. ...........

I glared at the plate of food at my front because he was annoying me even though he wasn't talking and his phone be was constantly ringing.

We arrived in Miami 4 hours ago and I got home on time because my best friend found it funny telling me he was at the airport, when in fact , he was just leaving Spain.

Even though she lied ,she saved my ass and I can't be mad at her for doing that.

"You should eat and stop glaring at you food" he said from across the table, he was sitting at the head of the table and I, at the end of the table , honestly the dinning table was too big for my liking, it had almost 15 chairs and I only sat on one while he wasn't around.

"You really space out don't you" he said this time with a hint of annoyance in his voice and I looked at him, suddenly realising he had been talking to me.

"Am so, so sorry I didn't hear you, I was busy , really busy" was my lame reply and he raised a brow.

"Busy with what exactly" he teased back and my mouth ran dry, he sure was looking hot and I only just noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt and his hairless chest and abs were on display, I shake my head at the images my mind was making up and looked up too respond to his question but he wasn't there anymore.

I wonder I long I spaced out for.

"You really space out a lot"  I jumped in my seat as his breath fanned my neck and suddenly everywhere felt hot.

"You scared me moron" I said turning to face him and boy did I not regret it, I came face to face with yummy set of abs and 6 of them, my hands itched to touch them but I scolded my self and looked at his face, he was smiling this time and took a sit beside me.

"We really need to talk Kira" he said turning serious and I rolled my eyes at his well known antics, well known by me alone.

"Yes we do Ethan" I responded in a mocking tone and he looked down.

"I want to know what went wrong with us" he started and paused waiting to see if I was interested and I nodded for him too continue.

"You have really changed a lot, your body has too and you seem soon different from 'my Kira' you are hardly around when I call and when you do speak to me , you always give the excuse of being tired" he ranted of and my mind trailed off to what his mouth could be doing and where his hands could be.

He changed a lot, his green eyes seemed darker, his hair was longer and his body was, well, it was magnificent.

"Kira,kira, you spaced out again" he grabbed my hands as he spoke and I felt something weird.

"I did not"

"You did so"






I cursed as I realise he had made me agree with him and I glared at him with as my anger as I could muster up.

Who in the world would think he was a billionaire and the second richest man in the world with the way he was acting.

"Ethan, I seriously don't think we have anything to talk about and you must be exhausted from your trip, so how about we retire to our bedroom's, I had a really stressful day and I need to sleep" I looked at him while talking to let him know I was serious and his jaw clenched.

"We can't avoid this, so you are not going anywhere until we talk".

I could sense the anger in his tone and it made me annoyed.

Just who does he think he is.

"Okay listen up, you do not use that tone with me nigga, I am not gonna let you talk to me like some darn hussy you picked up from the club..."

I starred at him while talking and paused to breath.

"So you better listen to me and get your ass to your room because whatever 'talk' you wanna have, ain't happening"

A little bit of the accent I picked up during the last two years of being a 'rapper' mixed with my words but I didn't care, he ruined whatever we had a long time ago and I was finally starting to accept my fate and now he wants to talk, he could go screw ponies and unicorns for all I care.

I glared at him one last time and he was starring at me in shock, probably because I never spoke like that but I didn't care.

Giving him the bird , I stormed up the staircase and as soon as I got to my room, blacked out on the couch.

Third Person's POV

He starred at her retreating figure in silence, she had changed so much, that he was sure of.

Her hair was shorter, her shape more defined and her ass was something to write home about .

He couldn't blame her for the attitude, after all he was the one to be blamed.

Picking up a glass , he threw it at the wall and watched as the pieces fell .

If he said he knew what to do ,he was joking.

He ruined it all two years ago, he had been so stupid to accept his fathers proposal, he never even bothered asking her because he was sure she would do anything for him.

But she had dreams and he crushed that by accepting the offer.

Now he was the only one to be blamed for all the strains on their relationship, but he was taking time off work for the next 6 months and his father was happy to step in for the time being.

He climbed the stairs and as he headed to his room , only one promise in his mind.

He was going to get his love back, no matter what...

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