Secret Worth Memories.

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I woke up to the sound of someone talking on the phone, Ethan to be exact and my brows furrowed. I knew he thought I was asleep and I used the opportunity to study him.

I studied the side of his face and how much he had changed over the years, he was once my best friend, heck, he knew when I had my period, knew what I loved and hated, knew everything about me and I knew everything about him or so I thought I did.

I met him when we were kids, I could still remember it till this day.

"4 years old me wanted ice cream and my mum was still busy talking on the phone, I tried to get her attention but it was in vain , so I pushed the shopping cart to the fridge and then got an older man to put me in it.

I still couldn't reach it and I wanted to burst into tears when a very beautiful lady pulls my cart back with care and opens the fridge, taking the last tub of the cookies and cream flavor and handing it to the little boy beside her, the boy took it and started to jump in excitement while my eyes suddenly became teary .

I starred at the boy who was also starring at me before bursting into tears, his eyes widen and he looked panicked, instantly grabbing the woman's hand and pointing at me.

My mum was still on call and didn't even turn around to look for me, the woman carried me in her hands and asked what had happened.

" He took the last wookies and cwean" I said to her sobbing loudly and the boy Chuckled before handing me the ice cream, I smiled at him and shouted thank you at the top of my voice which seems to have caught my mother's attention.

She hung up on the phone and rushed over to me, after the other woman explained what had happened, my mum smiled at her and apologized continuously"...

Things continued from there and Ethan and I became close, sometimes I even has sleepovers at his place when my parents went business trips.

In high school, Ethan was known as the hottest guy and player of our set, even though he was always occupied with the ladies, he always made sure that I was safe and that nobody crossed my path the wrong way.

He even made sure that I wouldn't have a boyfriend in my junior year, I was extremely pissed at him when I found out and I refused to talk to him for 2 hours, it was the funniest 2 hours of my life because he got me my favourite things within those two hours.

Everybody knew I couldn't stay angry at him and within those two hours I forgave him.

Everything was okay until the new boy at that time Caden transferred to our school, Ethan's behaviour totally changed, he never left my side, he made sure that Caden and I we're not together for more than a few seconds, I remember teasing him about being jealous and all he said was "nobody touches my possessions because I do not and will never share" I laughed at his statement at that time and we continued with him as my body guard.

I don't really remember how it happened, all I remember Ethan proposing to me in the hallway and me screaming yessss.

Everyone told me they always knew we were meant to be and I believed.

Thinking about those moments, I suddenly wondered what changed, he was shy when we first met and I was the chatterbox, he never fought but I did, he was the opposite of the Ethan I made him out to be, I remember telling him that if he continued to act like a wimpy kid , I was going to live him and find a new best friend. He took my threat seriously and changed, he became more confident, believed more in his looks and the new Ethan was born.

But one thing I regret the most about helping him change was that, I made him overconfident and it seemed to be the only reason he thought he could decide and ' live without my guide".

I honestly don't know why, he never told me how it felt , all he told me was that I was the one who put him up always and that he knew I always would.

I blinked as my stomach growled and I knew it was time to get up, Ethan turned and gave me a smile, which I returned with a glare and his shoulders dropped in defeat.

I didn't bother asking him what he was doing my room because it was obvious he cane to check on me, remember the period stuff, well I was meant to start today and I was always in the worst mood ever.

I went into my closet and picked out my outfit for today before heading to the bathroom, I filled the tub with water and added my rose scented wash into it before entering and soaking in it.

I stepped out and dried myself before slipping into my clothes and heading downstairs for breakfast.

The chef didn't disappoint me and I stacked pancakes on my plate and added honey before eating. Breakfast was going nice until the doorbell rang, I stood up to open it because the maids appeared busy and on my way to the door, picked a tub of ice cream from the freezer.

I opened the door and the smile on my face instantly died.

You know that feeling of having a perfect picnic and then the rain starts , I had that same feeling, if not worse.

"Sorry but whores aren't allowed in my house" I said facing my ex best friend, who happened to sleep with my husband on my wedding night and who also happened to convince me about the marriage.

Her face showed guilt and I smiled at this, she looked at me before looking pass me and starring at Ethan, who I knew was at my back because of his scent.

I stepped aside and she entered but not before receiving a glare from me and me also giving Ethan a glare.

Ethan tried to say something but I held my hand up and nodded my head before leaving the both of them.

I still couldn't stand her sight even after the years because I treated her like my sister, we were so close to the extent that when I went on vacations, I made sure my parents brought her along and I made sure she had everything I had, well except from her own personal Ethan, my subconscious whispered and I snorted.

I moved to the lounge and opened my ice cream while thinking of what I was going to spend the next few weeks doing.

I could always call Emily over but she was busy with her girlfriend and I wasn't going to be the one to ruin their time together.

Thinking about how much my life sucked, I turned on the TV and switched to Netflix before looking for a movie to watch and I landed with "To all the boys I loved before"  and I peacefully watched the movie in a gloomy mood.

Hello guys, I just wanted to clear up a few things on this chapter, I am not a racist, never been and will never be.

I felt the need to talk about black culture and way of life because I am black and proud to be, by the way.

In the united states there seems to be a lot of racists and I want to make a change in that by expressing my self through the book.
I wish it would all come to an end.

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