Secrets Worth Fame

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I smiled as I got off the stage , I felt sooo happy because after weeks of practice and dance lessons, the concert in New York was over and I could finally rest!!

I headed outside the stadium with my best friend and crew members , stopping to give autographs and take selfies.

Unlike other celebrities I wasn't too knee on having guards around me all the time, I had them only when the crowd was too crazy and uncontrollable which was almost everyday.

"Mira, look here please"
"Mira, over here"

"Mira I heard you wear masks cause you have a scar on your face"

I smiled because I knew everything they said were rumors.

For some odd reason, people thought I was hiding my identity because I was either a monster behind the mask or because I was really ugly or because I was old and wrinkled, nobody wanted to accept the fact that I just don't want my real identity revealed.

Why? Well because if my identity was know well my family would have a big fight over it, I wouldn't be able to go to Walmart without paparazzi following me and I would always be stalked 24/7.

I signed autographs and let me tell you, a lot of them were not pretty.

"You know if HE finds out you are in some big shit right" my best friend whispered from beside me and I nodded while grinning.

Her face was also hidden because she was my partner and if she got revealed, then I was done for.

"He's probably in Italy or some other country, so chill" I whispered back while taking  pictures and walking at the same time.

"No, he's on his way from the airport and we have to get back to Miami as soon as we can" she hissed back at me before motioning for the security guards and pulling me away from the crowd.

Holy peanuts and cookies, he was back already, my mind was reeling with the idea of seeing him after seven months.

He obviously would be expecting me home and I knew the staffs were going to tell him that I was hardly around, that being if he asked.

"Oh my God,oh my God, I am so dead,  done for, finished, ended" I rushed out as the van started moving and we headed for the hotel.

Kate rolled her eyes at me before speaking
" if you  didn't stop for autographs and pictures we would most likely be in the jet by now, but no , you love your fans soooo much, don't you"

I glared at her because right now I didn't need her being sarcastic.

"I had too okay, its not every day I end up in New York for concert's, secondly this is my last concert of the year and am going off camera for the next two months" I rushed out while coming down from the van and entering the hotel lobby, in a few minutes I was in my suite changing into normal cloths and pulling of my wig.

I had natural black hair but while on stage I wore different colours of wigs.

"Okay, am sorry for snapping, I just don't want our secret being exposed" Kate said as we left the room and snuck out from the back of the hotel.

My manager was going to clear the bills and do the remaining stuffs in the hotel.

I hopped into my car and Kate joined me after getting her heels off, in less than 19 minutes we were sitting in the jet and I prayed to God to get back to Miami on time.

Hi guys, hope you are all staying safe and maintaining social distance, I know its  really hard for most people during this period including me by the way.

The first chapter is up, I haven't been on the writing scene for a while and let me tell ya all, I missed it so much.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter, I know most people will be confused bit just chill we are on this ride together.

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