Secrets Worth Loneliness.

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Sometimes being lonely isn't a bad thing, it's the key to never getting hurt. Because the less people you have around you the less chance you have of getting hurt.....

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I never understood the full meaning of loneliness , not until Ethan and his mistress headed out. The whole house remained as silent as a graveyard and even though I felt like watching the kissing booth 2, I stood up and headed to the kitchen.

I wasn't the best cook but I could boil water.
I felt like making my favorite African dish and when I started watching the YouTube video, every thought of loneliness vanished.

I watched the video over and over again and yet I still didn't understand the basics. My stomach growled and I decided to make pasta and sauce.

After putting the pasta on fire, I ran up to my room to bath and 30 mins later I smelt something burning, I stood up from the bath tub after snoozing off.

Putting on the first things I could lay my hands on, I ran downstairs and my eyes immediately began to sting due to the smoke and before I could reach the gas,the sprinkler was activated and I stood in the kitchen soaking wet and starring at the burnt pasta.

I immediately thought of ways to clear the mess but before I could do anything, I heard his voice.

My face turned crimson and I felt his eyes on me.

" You really tried to cook again....?" He asked while moving towards the burnt pasta and I felt like entering the floor.

I shrugged my shoulders and moved away and he rolled his eyes before calling one of the maids who immediately appeared from thin air.....

I glared at her when she shot me a look and she immediately lowered her eyes and I instantly felt bad...

I was about to apologise when he turned towards me to speak.

I didn't bother listening to him before turning and heading to my room.
I screamed into my pillows before laying face down and falling asleep without realizing.

Reaching my hands out, I tried to put off my alarm but it wasn't working... Darn technology and it's stubbornness.. laziness wasn't my best buddy but today it stuck with me like my boobs.

I finally picked up the phone and realized that Emily had been calling me for 'ages', groaning in frustration, I called her back and immediately dropped my phone when she started to talk.
"Where in the name of cakes did u throw ur phone u assface...I've been calling u for hours.. oohh u are Soo dead but that's not why I called.. I wanted to tell u to get ready cause we all are going clubbing tonight and I need u to get ready by 8 and no way young lady, no excuses for this one...."

She continued to ramble on and I ended the call in a fit of anger, she never lets me get a single thing in on our conversations and it's soooo annoying, I'm starting to wonder if that's how all best friends are...

I checked the time and noticed i had only thirty minutes to get ready.... Must have napped for a looonnngg time...

I was putting on my sneakers when the door to my room flew open and an angry Emily stormed in, she looked like she was ready to kill but as soon as she set her eyes on me , she gasped in surprise..

" really got dressed"  at this question I frowned and pouted giving her my sad face and she threw her head back before bursting Into laughter.

I joined her until we both heaved out and tears streamed down our faces, she swatted my hands and I glared at her wanting to know why.

" You are Soo gonna ruin your makeup" she drawled out before pulling me up and waiting for me to finish up.

We got downstairs laughing as she told me what her girlfriend had tried to do during.... The dirty.... And my laughter instantly died down when Ethan spoke..
" Where  you going dressed like that" I raised my eyes to glare at him but Emily beat him to it.

" Oohh, honey, nowhere in particular, she's just going to look for some hot shot to do what u can't do for her" she said and winked at him...

He stared at her in shock and then at me before nodding his head and mumbling something along the lines of"she still doesn't realize she's mine" but I was pretty sure I misheard him..

I pulled Emily out and we picked one of my cars before heading to club.

So far the club had been boring and I had a few shots which made me tipsy but I was definitely not drunk, definitely not, a thousand percent not drunk, I was about to call out Emily's name because she was flirting with the bartender but then my eyes connected to Mr hotshot and lemme tell u baby, he was hot!!

He walked over to me and after exchanging a few looks and starring at each other lips, I attacked his lips and I instantly felt something in the pit of my stomach, I imagined Ethan's face and I groaned out because my body wanted more.

He was suddenly yanked off me by another Ethan and I grew confused, Ethan had a twin brother? The first Ethan glared at the second Ethan and the second Ethan whispered something harsh to the second Ethan making him freeze and turn pale before running off..

I instantly pulled second Ethan to me and smashed my lips to his and I swear I saw fireworks in front of my eyes

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