Secrets Worth Pain.

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I jumped up in excitement because we finally found a tattoo parlour.

Earlier this morning when I woke up, I found out that Mr grumpy pants was staying home and not leaving and it put me in the worst possible mood ever.

I tried to be civil with him at the dinning but he just kept starring at me like the last jar of nutella in the world, then in order to spite him I told him I was going to get a tattoo and our conversation was annoying as hell.

"I decided to die my hair and get a tattoo, so......" I said while moving away from the dinning table and he laughed like I said something funny.

" You are joking right, you could never get a tattoo, you are scared of needles " he stood up and stalked towards me as he spoke and I resisted the urge to kick him where the sun could unfortunately not shine.

"Well, I got over my fears bun" was my lame reply and he smirked and walked towards the door.

" We both know you aren't going to get one ,so you should quit bluffing "

And that was what made me do it.
I dyed my hair root brown and dyed the remaining parts red.

I just can't wait to see the look on his face.

I have been starring at the tattoo pallets for hours and I didn't know what to get, I wasn't planning on getting something big, just something that reminded me of who I truly am behind all the secrets and problems.

I finally decided on a rose and I got it under my left breast.

To say it didn't hurt would be the biggest lie I have ever told, it hurt like hell!!! And my beautiful best friend stood and laughed at me, at a point my mouth was stuffed with cloth and the man kept glaring at me.

It was certain that I was never getting another tattoo and after dropping Emily home, I went to my favorite mall.
Walmart, duh, who doesn't love it, I got the biggest bucket of ice cream and some tampons, before heading home.

My chest hurt like a bitch and seeing him made it ten times worse, groaning in annoyance I handed the ice cream to a maid and hid the tampons in my bag, dont need anyone knowing when nature was going to boil my eggs.

He smirked and eyed my hair with amusement dancing in his eyes before going back to his phone call.

Using the opportunity, I ran up to my room and showered, I was careful not to touch my tattoo because it still hurt and I didn't want to cry in front of jerk face.

Slipping on an oversized hoodie that reached my knee I went down for dinner and I felt my mouth watering when I saw meatballs , chicken and some other healthy food.

I ate as many meat balls as I could before digging into the chicken, then I eyed the salad and was about to skip it when , nanny mia appeared, she gave me a look that would put Donald trumps ugly face to shame and I sat down and forced my self to the tasteless meal.

Nanny mia was basically the one who raised Ethan because his parents were hardly around during his childhood and when I got married to jerk face she started to treat me exactly the same way she treated him.

"Am done eating the world's most delicious food, now can I go" batting my eyes , I gave her my puppy face and she smiled before shooing me away.

I was soooo, happy I don't have to see his face at dinner but that happiness was short lived when I entered my room and saw him on my bed.

Glaring at him with what i hoped was hatred and not hunger after starring at his abs , I finally spoke.

"What in the name of biscuits are you doing in my room" he smirked and stood up from the bed and walked towards me.

My heart probably fell out of my chest and my brain stopped working as I starred at his amazing abs and muscles.

I gulped ad my eyes went lower and traced the v line leading to a very noticeable friend of his, who was growing harder.

My face flushed and he seemed to like it because the next thing I know, am being caged by the walls and he was pressing his friend into me.

Now, now, I don't like him but I wasn't so stupid to not remember the way his body felt against mine and to be honest I craved for his touch.

My brain and heart seemed to return and I pushed against his chest , catching him unaware and glared at his handsome face.

"What in the name of God is wrong with you" I screamed at him and he flinched.

"I just want to talk" he moved towards the bed as he spoke and I crossed my arms.

His gaze followed my movement and he blinked before looking me in the eye.

"About us, you really have changed and its starting to bother me, you come home late, you dyed your hair, you swear a lot and you even go shopping" he rushed out , putting emphasis on 'shopping'.

I just looked him straight in the eyes before opening my room door and gesturing for him to move out.

The expression on his face was priceless and his shoulders slumped in defeat .

"You caused all this by sleeping with another woman on our wedding night, a wedding night that I didn't even want, a night that you made me want, so don't come in here telling me crap because, It is a your fault" I whispered harshly to him once he was outside the room before banging the door on his guilty face.

I stormed to my closet and picked my night ware before going to the shower and heading to bed.

Sleep didn't come like I expected and I found myself thinking of what I was going to do for the next few months, I was Soo used to Ethan never staying home and I was also used to having concerts and going on tours.

I remember clearly my first and best tour was the one I had in Nigeria, when I read about the country on the internet they made it seem like civilization never made it's presence know in most of the states, I don't remember much about it but I know that a state called Edo was part of the ' skipped' civilization .

But when I arrived in Nigeria, to say I was shocked would be an understatement, everything was beautiful and the way they socialized and bonded was amazing, their houses were nothing compared to ours but it had homely vibes to it and the people never discriminated the way whites sometimes did.

But my favorite part was their food.
I had Jollof rice and it was amazing, I remember even making it when I got back from tour but it didn't have that African touch , I tasted their Amala and vegetable soup, at first I thought I was going to get indigestion but it turned out my body loved it.

I had so many dishes and even after my tour was over I stayed an extra week and I always knew that I would return there someday.

My mind suddenly wandered to Ethan and I felt my hands ball up into fists, even if I wanted to forgive him for forcefully getting me married to him , I could never forget the fact that he cheated me on our wedding night.

Remembering all this took a toll on me and I was out like a bulb.

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