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JANUARY 7, 1999

A YOUNG GIRL LAUGHED AND PLAYED in the snow in the backyard while her parents watched from the porch. They smiled lovingly at their six-year-old daughter, who was making a snowman.

"Honey, I'm gonna make some hot chocolate then you have to come inside, okay?" Her mother called out from the back door,

"Okay, mommy!" The little girl continued to make her snowman while her mother went inside. Her father stayed to watch over her, to make sure she didn't get into trouble. She seemed to have the habit of sneaking off and getting distracted.

A crash came from the kitchen and the man turned, "Char? You okay?" He went inside to check on his wife, leaving his daughter alone.

Little did he know how life changing that decision was.

A lightning bug flew in front of the small girl, "Pretty." She gasped, dropping her large snowball. She followed the bright insect into the woods that was behind the house.

The little girl went deep into the woods, following the lightning bugs. She came to a clearing and she laughed. She twirled and danced and played with the little living stars buzzing around her.

But what she should have been paying attention to was underneath her. Cracks appeared in the ice below her feet. A bright blue flash appeared in the clouds and the girl gasped.

The thin ice collapsed and the little girl fell through. She let out a small scream before her head went under the water.

That's when her parents noticed she wasn't in the yard. They yelled her name before following the footprints into the woods.

They heard her scream and started running.

The clouds shifted and the full moon shined above them, lighting the way to the pond.

The little girl opened her eyes, and even though the water was dark, she could still see the lightning bugs and the moon above her.

The water around her began to glow blue before her eyes closed.

Her parents made it to the pond and spotted the gaping hole. They yelled their daughters names as they ran across. Her father jumped in, quickly finding the girl before dragging her out, "Charlotte! I don't think she's breathing!" He yelled,

They brought her back to where the ground was and laid her on the bank. Her father began to perform CPR, 

"C'mon, honey." Her mother sobbed, brushing back her wet hair,

The little girl began to cough up water and her small hands gripped the snow below her, "Mommy?"

Ever since then, weird things began to happen. 

When the little girl threw tantrums, frost began to cover the surfaces inside their home. When she cried, things began to freeze. Sometimes, when she was happy, it began snowing outside.

They knew something had happened to their daughter that night.

But soon it got too dangerous.

One night Jacqueline got upset. When her father tried to calm her down, it only got worse. She screamed and a flash of light hit his chest.

It didn't take long for his body to give in to her power.

That's why Jacqueline's mother brought her to a witch in New York. The little girl's memory of her powers and her father were erased and she was given a special necklace to keep her powers under lock and key.

 Never to be used again.

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