Episode Two

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Swords smashing against each other, wails and agony filled the air of the battlefield, blood dripping down from the tip of the swords, more swords came into view and it penetrates into the stomach of the angry and ferocious beasts, strange sharp claws slashed through human flesh and bloodshed spilled out from the injuries, still yet, leaving fingerprints on their faces...

Panting and running.

"Noo!" The boy screams.

"You have to go, hurry." a female voice said.

"No I won't go, I can't leave without you" The young boy replied to the woman amidst tears.

"Go, you have to," Said the woman weakly.

"Roar!" Voice of a ferocious beast.

"Go! go!! please," Said the woman again.

"Nooooo!!!" The young boy screams.

Scream continues and soon reality soon appears to be a dream, then the boy wakes up.

Sweating and panting profusely.

"Huh huh huh", Darrell said relieved.

He finally looks up, the light from outside his window was too bright so he used the back of his hand to cover his eyes.

He hurries down from the bed and heads downstairs.

"Good morning' Uncle Jack" Darrell greeted as he came downstairs and saw Jack making a coffee

"Oh, Darrell how was your night"
Jack asked with no facial expression.

"It wasn't too good," Darrel replied looking exhausted.

"What happened? Were you, bitten up, by a spider" Jack asked as if spiders had teeth.

"That would have been better"
Darrell replied as he bits his second finger.

"Then what bit you, if it wasn't a spider, then it would be a very dangerous insect," Jack said without looking up, he had his face fixed on what he was doing.

"No it wasn't an insect but a nightmare," Darrell said and looked elsewhere.

"Oh! I see, what happened?"
Jack asked as he gives Darrell a cup of coffee.

"I really don't want to talk about it", Darrell said as he sips from the cup of hot coffee.

"I'm sure it will be alright"
Jack said as he pats Darrell on the shoulder.

"Thanks, Uncle Jack" Darrell said smiling.

"Now let's start something to keep our mind off these"
Jack said and grabbed a seat and sits close to the chimney.

"Especially on this grasses"
Darrell replied looking through the window and pointing at the outgrown grasses outside the building.

"If you say so, sir", Jack said and made the salute sign.

They both burst into laughter.


"Hey Alyssa, wake up"
A white rabbit with big fluffy ears said, he is putting on a bow tie and now on top of the bed in which Alyssa is sleeping on and seriously trying to wake Alyssa up. "Wake up! wake up!"
The rabbit said again and keeps on shaking Alyssa.

"Oh, comm'on stop the racket" Shouted a brown hamster who was sleeping until he heard the noise.

"Oh come on Berk let her sleep you know she is tired", Said an old roaster after crowing his morning cry, on top of the beck, close to the window.

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