Chapter Two

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As I promised, the second chapter my lovely readers.

Chapter 2: On Olympus, In the throne room of the gods.

Point of view: Artemis

The memory cuts out and Dionysus shows us each betrayal, from Percy's eyes. Chiron, Annabeth, heck, even the whole of Camp-Halfblood hates Percy because of his little half-brother, Derek. Lies and rumors spread around like wildfire. Percy was disowned by his father and kicked out of camp for being a horrible student. After each betrayal, we all turn to Percy and he wears an expressionless mask, but his hands are clenched into fists and they are shakng. I even sense the emotions radiating off of him. Anger, grief, hate, pain...but he was right. He is broken.

Hera turns to Perseus and smiles warmly at him. He backs away and Hera has to put her hands on his shoulders to keep him from trying to get away from her. He flinches at the contact, but Hera still smiles. "Perseus Jackson, I could never fill the great void in your heart left by your mother. But if you would accept it, I would love to be your patron and mother. Do you accept?" Hera looks at him.

"I already told you my one wish, but if it makes you happy, I would be honored to call you mother, Lady Hera." Percy bows.

Hera holds out her hand and she nods reassuringly to Perseus. Percy clasps his scarred hand onto Hera's arm and she grips his in return. A golden-white light extends from their hands and surrounds Percy. The blessing of Hera, few ever get it.

Hestia walks up to Percy. "Will you be my champion, Percy?" She asks, unsure.

"Yes, Lady Hestia. I will be your champion, if that is what you wish." Percy bows to her.

"Do not bow to me. You bow to no one." Hestia declares and blasts him with flames. "You can heal, harm, and travel by fire. You can summon home cooked meals. You are Perseus Jackson, Son of Hera, Champion of Hera, Champion of Hestia, and Hero of Olympus." She decrees.

"One question." Percy inhales. "Did you both make me taller?" He looks at them.

"I don't know..." Hestia studies him.

"You sort of look taller..." Hera nods. "Probably. Without realizing it. It really bothers you, doesn't it?" Hera giggles.

"Did she just...?" Hermes looks at Hera, stunned.

"She can be happy you know. It's Zeus's fault for being unfaithful and breaking his oath of loyalty. Gods know I have experience with the loyalty part." Percy says.

We stare at him and Hera beams at her new son. She hugs him and Hestia does as well. "Mother...I'm truly sorry for all those horrible things I said to you on the hill many years ago and everything bad about you after that. I realize what a fool I was." Percy hangs his head.

"I forgive you, son. You can make it up to me by spending time with me." Hera jumps up and down happily.

"Me too! Visit me at the hearth as often as possible." Hestia tells Percy.

"I will." Percy smiles at his two patrons, then I get an idea.

"Will you stop wanting to perish now?" Hera asks, pleading.

"Yes, mother. I promise to try my best to live life to its fullest as well as I am able." Percy promises.

"Percy?" I finally speak.

"Yes, Lady Artemis?" Percy bows.

"Will you accept my blessing? And become my Guardian of the Hunt?" I ask and everyone gasps.

"Only if you wish it. Not because you feel pity for me. I only accepted my patrons's offers because I still liked them. I now feel...more connected with them. Love them like real family. Two people I will never willingly betray. So, I ask you, Lady Artemis, do you offer me this in pity?" Percy looks into my eyes.

I cannot look away while I answer him, "At first, yes, but you are the only man I would ever let into my camp, even before this...incident." I tell him, waving my hand out in front of me.

"You can say tragedy or horrific event. It doesn't bother me. A demigod's life is always tragic, but we die with a cause at least." Percy says, then shrugs. "Very well, milady. I accept your offer and I will swear off women forever, if you so wish it. Like you heard me tell Lady Athena, I will never love again." He says.

"You don't have to swear off women." I say.

Percy kneels before me and I place my hand on his shoulder. He starts to glow silver.

"I give you the same blessing I give my hunters. Partial immortality, but you can still die in battle." I tell him.

"I, Perseus Jackson, swear on the River Styx to forever protect Lady Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and Hunt, as well as the Hunt itself, at the extent of my own life as long as I shall live. I also swear off the company of women on the River Styx to which I shall only befriend them and care for them as a brother and never to love them in a more intimate way." Percy promises and thunder booms in the distance.

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