Chapter 2: Sorrow

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"Uhh...." Alastor was at a complete loss for words. Looking at Angel in the dim light coming in from the window, Alastor couldn't help but stare. He'd never seen how beautiful Angel was in the night lighting. His skin appeared like silk in the pale light, his hair reflected the light like a million glass pieces, and his eyes, they sparkled and glimmered like crystal.

Alastor felt an urge to reach his hand out and caress the spider's cheek, to see if his skin felt as soft as it looked. Alastor wondered if Angel Dust knew he could look so captivating. Alastor found his eyes wandering to the spider's lips, curious how they would feel and taste if he were to lean in and kiss-

"Alastor, you okay? Ya're actin' kinda funny." Alastor snapped out of his daze, noticing that Angel was now staring at him with slight worry.

"What? Oh. Yes, my dear, I'm perfectly fine. I'm still a little drozy is all." Alastor turned back to the food he was cooking so it didn't burn, "Now what was it you were asking me?" Alastor hoped he didn't sound as strange as he felt.

"Would ya mind cookin' me some breakfast too? Whatever ya're cookin' smells amazing." Alastor felt a little thrill go through him at Angel's compliment of his cooking.

"Why of course my feminine fellow! I'd be more than happy to make you breakfast!" Alastor's smile felt a little more genuine to Angel then usual.

"Thanks." Angel's eyes suddenly grew half lidded and seductive, "In return I could always offer ya my services~" Angel sauntered over and draped his top set of arms over Alastor's shoulders, and circling his bottom set of arms around Alastor's waste. Alastor felt himself freeze up under the spider's touch. He was glad Angel couldn't see his face, because it was warmer than the food he was cooking.

"Wha da ya say, Al~?" Angel Dust whispered seductively into Alastor's ear, Alastor felt a muffled gasp of surprise almost escape his throat as he pushed Angel Dust away.

"No thank you, Angel! My answer is the same as every other time you ask, no." Angel put his hands in his hips and let out a little defeated, "hmp!"

"Damnit! Even when you're half asleep I can't seduce you!" Angel went over to the cabinet and pulled down two mugs. "How do ya like ya're coffee?" Angel Dust asked as he hunted for the sugar cubes.

"Black with two cubes please. I don't like a lot of sugar, but straight black isn't very appealing to me." Angel raised a curious eyebrow.

"Well lookie here? The Strawberry Pimp isn't as bitter as he seems. I figured you like black coffee." Alastor sighed at the porn star's words as he flipped a pancake.

"Angel, you know I loathe that nickname. Why do you persist to annoy me with it?" Alastor put the pancake onto a plate and poured a bit of bacon grease into the pan to keep the next pancake from sticking.

"You're really cute when you're annoyed." Angel answered plainly, as if it should be obvious. He then grabbed the hazelnut coffee creamer from the fridge. Alastor couldn't believe what he was hearing. Angel found him cute? Angel turned around and let out a surprised gasp.

" have a tail?" Alastor's left hand instinctively went to cover his tail. He'd forgotten that his bathrobe had a hole cut in it for his tail.

"No!" Alastor instantly knew his lie was obvious. Angel removed Alastor's hand and poked the little red ball of fluff.

"It's so fluffy, and cute~!" Angel's voice went up two octaves as he began petting the fluff ball.

"A-Angel! Stop it!" Alastor smacked Angel Dust's hand away and turned around, brandishing the spatula he'd been using like a sword. Angel prepared to argue with Alastor until he saw Alastor's face. Even though Alastor wore a vicious smile and furrowed eyebrows, and his voice held more radio static then usual, Angel noticed that Alastor's cheeks were a light red. Alastor was blushing. Was he embarrassed, and if he was, was it because Angel discovered his tail, or had he enjoyed the attention?

"Alright Alastor, I'll stop." The sudden calm yield was unlike Angel. It was enough to get Alastor to lower his spatula sword and turn back to the almost finished breakfast. Angel Dust went back to making their coffee. Angel may like annoying Alastor, but if petting his tail gets him that uncomfortable, then even Angel wouldn't go that far.

It wasn't long until Alastor had the plates set, and to top it all off, Alastor pulled a tray out of the oven that had two, golden brown cinnamon buns with snow white glaze. Angel's mouth watered as he watched Alastor blow gently on both of them and set one on each plate.

"Well Angel dear, it's all ready." Alastor set the the plates on the table with pride. Angel brought over the mugs off coffee and put them with their respective plates. The pair sat down to their breakfast, since Charlie wasn't there, they didn't pray before they ate. Angel took a single bite of his fluffy pancake, and then started scarfing down the delicious goodness.

"You may want to slow down, Angel. You could choke." Alastor said as he gazed over the rim of his coffee mug.

"It's alright, Alastor. I'm an expert on how not to choke." Angel said with a sultry grin, making Alastor regret saying anything. There was a few more minutes of silence before Angel spoke again.

"I knew you could cook, Al, but I didn't know you could cook this good! Where'd you learn to cook like this?" Alastor felt him grin shrink a bit into a more melancholy smile.

"From my mother. You used to make this meal for me whenever I was upset, no matter what time in the day it was. There were times she'd get home from one of her four jobs, see me upset about something from school, and she would go right into the kitchen to start cooking. I'd always tell her that she didn't have to, that she should lay down and rest from working so much, but she would always say the same thing, "I hate seeing you upset, honey. I love your smile and I will do whatever it takes to get you smiling again." She was many things, determined being one of the strongest. There were many times where I'd offer to drop out of school and get a job, but she'd always get in a huff and say, "No look here Alastor, I'm your mother, it's my job to provide for you and make sure you get the education you deserve! I don't want you to get a low paying job because of me!" She always worked so hard to keep me in the best school in New Orleans, even if it met exhausting herself. I wish I could have done more for her. I'm proud to admit that my mother was the only person I truly loved and cared for in life, even if how I am now leads people to believe I could never care for anyone. How I miss my mother. I'd love nothing more to see her again." Alastor stopped reminiscing before the tears broke through.

"Alastor..." Angel whispered, about to give an apology for his loosing of his mother, before he stopped and said something else, "Ya ma sounds like a pretty amazin' woman. Did she end up in heaven?"

"I hope so. Honestly I have no idea where she ended up, I definitely hope it wasn't this foul place. She was to pure for a place like this." Alastor pushed his now empty plate away.

"What was ya ma's name, if ya don't mind me askin'?" Angel Dust was extremely curious now. Alastor never talked about his past life. Angel found himself wanting to know every detail he could get Alastor to muster.

"Elizabeth." Alastor muttered after a long, sullen silence, "Her name was Elizabeth, and she's dead because of me." Angel let out a gasp of shock.

"That's why ya made breakfast isn't it, because ya're sad?" Alastor realized what he said and stood up like he'd been struck by a bolt of lighting, knocking his chair back as he did so.

"Sorry, Angel dear, but I just remembered I have thinks to do! I do hope you enjoyed breakfast!" Alastor grabbed his plate, utensils, and mug and walked at a frisk speed to put them in the sink for Nifty to wash.

"Alastor, wait!" Angel didn't want to end the conversation yet. If Alastor was hiding some pain, maybe that meant they weren't that different after all. Maybe, just maybe, the demon standing before the pornstar, wasn't as evil and cruel as everyone made him out to be. Maybe...there was a human soul underneath all of that power.

"Sorry again, my dear, but I must be going!" And with a snap of his fingers, Alastor disappeared with a quick flash of radio static.

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