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1. a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question


2. existence; being.


Clementine wants to feel accepted and make her life worth living.

Henry has hardships and insecurity. Undoubtedly vulnerable, trying to make it through.

Jesslyn seems confident and overbearing. It's a shame a smile can hide so much.


1. hello! this story will be in third person and not really be a....idk....teen fic bright and happy? aha it is teen fic but it is like, a reality. sooo...yeaaa

2. each chapter name will be in the POV of the character that is being expressed

3. this is (primarily) based off of real events so please don't comment saying this is so fake or exaggerated or something stupid

gorg cover on the side made by @ArtiePants (she is so so so awesome! check her out when you get the chance!) and this chapter is also dedicated to her for the gorgeous cover(:

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