chapter three - jesslyn

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Jesslyn drifted towards Katie as Henry walked off in the opposite direction. She didn't understand that boy. He had a beautiful girlfriend, a crazy smart brother and he wasn't ugly or anything yet he had so much insecurity and pain. Jesslyn wished she could have half of what he did - sibling, a great and caring lover, and the looks that impressed anyone.

Jesslyn hated being tanned and wearing ridiculously tight uniforms required for her chosen sport. Cheerleading was just a 'phase' she was going through in hopes of staying fit and having a life outside of her living room. The routines were always so sexual and embarrassing to do in front of her peers. And she was shorter than most so she had to be a flyer, which she hated, and she stood out more than most of the girls during routines.

"Hey, Jessi, there's a party at the warehouse downtown this Saturday and guess who got tickets?" Katie slowly reached behind her back and got tickets from her back pocket as her black lined eyes grew to the size of a quarter. Jesslyn personally didn't like parties, but she definitely didn't show it.

"Katie! That is awesome! Thanks so much!" She feigned happiness and squeaked her white shoes on the tiled floor. Jesslyn's arms threw themselves into a hug around Katie's neck as she continued talking.

"I know, I I was like thinking that today, after school, we could like, go to Victoria's Secret or like, some other shop to get new dresses."

"Why can't we just wear something that we already own?" Jesslyn's eyes narrowed in a questioning manner as she couldn't wrap her mind around the fact they needed new dresses for every dance and that Katie said 'like' three times in one sentence.

"They're all boring! This party has a limited number of tickets, therefore we need to impress, and nothing is more impressive than brand new clothing! It will be what's in and what no one else will be wearing." Jesslyn didn't understand Katie's reasoning, if it could even be called that, but she didn't want to argue, so she simply agreed with her friend.

Jesslyn never felt understood, not even by her best friends. Just put on a happy face, thought Jesslyn, then all will be well in the end.

"Oh! You know what! Free People has better dresses for these kind of parties! They are super loose and flowy." Katie wiggled her eyebrows and showed Jesslyn the multiple pictures she had pulled up on her phone. Honestly, all the dresses were rather ugly and she wanted nothing to do with them.

"Ya...uhm. I am going to text my mom and ask her if we are free tonight. I almost remember her saying we were having dinner out!" Jesslyn turned around so slightly and lowered her phone brightness and texted her mom.

Hey mom...i am going to send this message in two parts because i need you to say no, no matter what. like even if we are free. Ok..the next message will be the second part..just say no..

Hey mom! Can i go shopping with Katie after school? We need some new clothes, and don't worry i will pay for everything! Please???

no. we are busy Jess. sorry.

"Katie? My mom said no, sorry! Sounds like I do have plans!" Jesslyn quickly deleted the first message and showed her the ones that provided all necessary proof, silently blessing her mother.

"Aw man! Maybe tomorrow, babe?" Katie only looked at Jess when she read the texts and had the expression of an unamused teacher listening to someone's explanation of why they had not done their homework.

"Yeah, I'll see..." The warning bell rang and Jesslyn excused herself, practically running to class. She could not afford a tardy. If there was one thing she cared about, it was being perfect in every way she could think of, since her looks and personality obviously didn't cut it. Luckily, her AP physics class was just around the corner. She had a perfect grade in that class, therefore the teacher couldn't care less of what she did to occupy her time. So for Jesslyn, this was prime music and design time.

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