chapter five - clementine

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It was pure pain and rejection that overcame Clementine's heart and mind. Sitting in the disgustingly warm chair at the Craft Business of Arts store was now listed as Clementine's worst experience. She had no idea why they didn't accept her portfolio and resume. She made sure it was her best works presented and she dressed nicely for the occasion;  she had sprayed herself with perfume and was clothed in sleek black pants and a button up blouse. Clementine sniffed up the regret of ever coming in the first place and stood up tall before her first tear would fall in the face of those who couldn't accept her. Just walk to your dad in the car and know you are better than this situation. Forget what they said to you and don't stop trying. Keep breathing. Don't cry. Keep breathing.

Clementine couldn't help but choke out a breath and tears - her inner thoughts didn't calm her down and Clementine became numb as she pushed open the cold doors and stepped onto the hard, grey concrete that led her to the car. She didn't feel like waiting for her flash drive to be returned, everything on it was ugly anyways. 

one hour earlier...

"Hello Ms....Akers. Welcome to Craft Business of Arts." The balding man gave a bored look at Clementine, undoubtedly staring at her mammoth head of hair. 

"Hi - I am here to apply for an internship under the supervision of Mr. Hemming." Clementine twisted around in her seat and squeezed her hands together in anticipation under the faux wooden table and clicked her heels together repeatedly, trying to calm her undying nerves.

"What makes you think you deserve an internship?" The man began to write notes, Clementine only wondering what possibly about as she had not said anything yet.

"I am within my second year of designing, a sophomore in high school, and am extremely eager to broaden my knowledge within graphic design. I work my life around my responsibilities and commitments, and I do believe that makes me an extraordinary candidate for an internship. I will be here everyday, I can do anything and everything from organizing papers to making graphics, and I understand hard work." Clementine breathed in slowly and surely as she tried to hold stares with the interviewer; they were seated in a conference room decorated with degrees and artwork that the company was obviously using to boast their success. It was intimidating to say the least, but after not being nominated by her school peers, she wanted to go out in the actual business of design and get an internship or job to learn more and gain experience. 

"A sophomore, say?" The man pulled open a tablet that was previously sitting behind him, and opened her portfolio. "Your works do have a professional look to them, and I appreciate this, yes, but the technique is flawed and you need work with defining your style. Everything looks rather different from the next and there is no correlation between all of it."

Clementine was taken back by these statements but that was why she needed this internship. These people were the real deal and they would be honest when she needed it. There wouldn't be any sugar coating and she could improve immensely. Her fellow club partners would be blown out of the water with her newly gained skills if she worked here for even a week. "Yes, sir, and that is why I need this internship. I have reviewed Mr. Hemming's works and he is what I aspire to be. Everything you listed was something fixable and just to see how real designers operate and go from a blank canvas to a masterpiece...would be like a Christmas gift."

"Ms. Akers, this internship may not be the best suited for you. You have a good basis on your graphics for a middle school student, but all of that beside-" He put the tablet aside and picked up her resume again, "Your resume is not the most impressive. I am sorry but I don't think you are very well suited for this. We are only offering under consideration's and I don't think I could say that about you. I commend you for your determination and compliance to my critique, but I don't think we can offer you the internship today." The interview had only been for five minutes and it was over just like that. Clementine thought she would nail this. It was only an internship, not an actual job. Her portfolio was pre-examined multiple times by her club director and her resume, yes, was underwhelming, but she was just able to receive a work permit. How could she possibly have listed multiple jobs that would've helped her in this interview, when she wasn't able to work.

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