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Hola! Sorry for the late update I've been working on the chapters, the prologue was kind of bothering me it made my book seem cliche when it's not, I wasn't gonna wright this chapter but you guys deserve a sneak peak about a certain someones past so enjoy!



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Hell is empty because all the devils are here.  ~


3 pov.

Four years ago.

A man walked into the building and when he typed in the security code and when into the thick metal door, no one knew there was a abandon warehouse at the back of the company or what the man who just walked in did for a living other than what they saw and assumed it was a phone company oh how there were far from the truth,

He walked in and there sat children of all ages mostly girls from the ages 12 to 18 in the corner a man was beating a girl because she wasn't doing what she was told he walked passed them with ease like a walk in the park like he didn't just witnessed cruel treatment but who is he to talk he does the same, he is the boss of this sick business.

He unlocked another door all the way at the back and in there sat two girls one with raven black hair and one with dark red hair all most burgundy they looked around the ages of 12.

He walked over to them and crouched down to the one with the red hair "Are you ready to behave now" she nodded her head fast eyes wide with fear.

He chuckle was sinister he moved on to the one with the black hair "Are you done miss behaving" she didn't answer she never did, not even a nod of her head, he grabbed her arm in his hand tightly "Do I make my self clear!" he shouted in her face but she didn't even flinch she just stared blankly at his face but on the inside she was scared, not for her but her friend that sat beside her she could handle the beating she could resist the fear for herself but she would always fear for her friend that's how he could always get to her.

"If you know what's good for your friend here you'll open your mouth and speak when spoken to" he pulled out a pocket knife and held it to the red heads throat, the girl with black hair saw tears well up in her friends eyes and she just knew It wasn't going to end well.

"Wait" the raven haired girl said quietly but loud enough for the man to hear, he let out another dark chuckle, he knew she would cave she didn't care what they did to her she would fight off his men and get beat up in the process because there's to just to much for one girl to fight off then his security under his orders sent her to this room and her friend for crying for her.

"I'll behave" she said emotionless with a blank face.

"Good" he pushed her friend to the ground then he went over to the raven haired girl, he stabbed the knife in her wrist but not too deep, blinding hot pain pulsed threw her but she just rolled her lips in her mouth to keep her from screaming in pain, then he reeled his hand back and slapped her fiercely across her cheek, her head snapped to the side her hair followed her movement,

He then grabbed her hair in a painful grip "You shore are a tough one you didn't even scream" he yanked her hair again and this time you could faintly see her eyes glaze with tears "Yet" he then threw her head into the wall, he turned around his back facing them "Don't think I'm done with you if you only answer from the beginning I would have spared your friend but I think you'll like some company for this one" he then tilted his head at the guards as he walked pass them "You know what to do boys have fun" he let out a sinister laugh.

As he left the room the guards gained on them and the red head was wailing by now but the raven haired girl was still on the floor as she hid her friend behind her back took the knife out of her hand and looked at her friend who's brown eyes once were filled with laughter and joy, now is filled with sorrow and fear all because of that monster, she then turned her fearless blue eyes at the guards and took most of the pain for her friend.

It was dawn as the sun was setting saying goodbye for now, the sky was transforming into purples, oranges and pinks as the day bleed into nightfall, for some people it was wonder as the stars twinkled as it was rare for stars to even show in this polluted city, for some were to busy as the New Yorkers hurried home, but for what was in the warehouse it was a nightmare

Can anyone guess who the raven haired girl is and her friend, don't be shy and comment what you think.

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