Chapter 2: Two of Swords (reversed)

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Movement, change, renewed action. You have recently made a decision, or circumstances made the decision for you. The stalemate is over, decisions made, now you must wait to see how matters unfold. Strong emotions come to the surface and can be dealt with head-on.

Marlena powered down both car windows, content to acclimate for a few minutes in Charlotte's brutal late afternoon humidity.

From the moment her talented Romanian's reading revealed that whiplash crack of lightening Tower card until thirty seconds ago, when she'd turned her granny-apple green Cougar into this C-level apartment complex, had been ten days of continuous, whirlwind action. Long held and sharpened-to-the-ultimate plans were finally being set into motion, and she was confident, even stoked, about the challenge.

She gave herself a silent attagirl! for nailing down a relationship with the highly desirable Caribbean soul-man painter Hemingway 'Shark-Mohn' Jones yesterday, and scheduling events around five extremely social days at Wimbledon late this morning. Being in the 'Friends' box for the men's semi-finals constituted terrific final icing, because now she was absolutely free of any business or required communications that might interfere with her focus here.

Edgar Allan 'Poe' Starkes, the man her heart of hearts believed Vatche's reading had confirmed pursuit of, was entering an apartment building seventy-odd yards away, his rubbing a cheek and favoring an ankle apparent signs of another rough hoops session with Rahim, his Wesley Snipes-like, hard-games-for-cash partner. After eight years, eight months, and an assorted number of days and hours without communication or a single kiss, there was no reason he should suspect this particular Tuesday would bring the tsunami waves of change she represented.

Confirming the accuracy of photos showing Eddie as somewhat thicker-bodied than the marvelously sculpted swimmer she'd shared mind-blowing sexuality with was easy from this distance. If reclaiming a carbon copy of that man was somewhere deep down inside desired, Eddie was obviously still up-scale physically.

And oh baby! nothing could ever take away my respect for those shoulders or hands.

She noted comments J.G. included in a surveillance report about Eddie: "Starkes displays exceptional range and accuracy on his jump shot, is a creative and consistent scorer. Good fakes, excellent passer, gets partner [Rahim] ball in favorite post positions for scoring. Tenacious defender with good footwork, decent rebounder-banger for white guy with only slightly above average size and speed. Not a pussy if things get rough." 

His report had also labeled the six-foot-five Rahim Maxwell as "Impressively gifted, almost a force of Nature."

Her half-marathon and canoe-cycle-run triathlon last year were more than adequate proofs about challenging anyone in the high-end athletics department,  and while she epitomized the body as temple both physically and spiritually, she'd never bought into the attitude of glory boy bodies. 

Measuring those she'd been socially or intimately closest with over the last eight-plus years, except for Pitor Schauffleinberg, they'd all been either absurdly self-absorbed about their bodies or indifferent to the softening touches of age and substantial wealth.

Along with all of Eddie's sweet muscles and intellectual stimulation had come an ability to articulate his dreamer-doer's humanity, plus a scary-good unspoken communication that turned cuddling into a personal porthole to much more. Wanting to become the central reason for Eddie's inspiring and goodness in life, to share 1000% in that soul-satisfying combination, had flooded her being from Day One.

Memories of two superbly trained bodies, linked almost nightly in full-throttle passion surpassing even those fantasies her teenage self often conjured while reading romance novels, caused a shiver despite an already noticeable warmth in the car. As a partner, Eddie's creative and adventurous spirit had been ideal. During those hours, days, fifteen months! of intense, mind-altering intimacy, his total physical and emotional giving over to their Us-es had been skipping-in-the-rain beautiful.

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